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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Whitney's New Jersey Mansion

Whitney's New Jersey Mansion - Whitney's New Jersey mansion is being sold for $1.75 million price.

Whitney Houston,the pop star 48, died Saturday after she was discovered, apparently unconscious, in a bathtub at a Beverly Hills hotel. She died just hours before she was slated to perform at her longtime music producer Clive Davis's pre-Grammy Awards party.

Patrick Moberg and Camille Hayton Break Up

Patrick Moberg and Camille Hayton break up - Camille Hayton and Patrick Moberg have broken up! Camille, the 'NY Girl of My Dreams', and Patrick, who spotted her on a New York City subway and tracked down, have ended their short romance. If you remember the story, Patrick Moberg, a web designer, saw Camille Hayton on a subway in NY when he 'fell in love with her'. Camille Hayton and Patrick Moberg Breakup? NO!!! (Sadly, yes.) Camille Hayton (NY Girl of My Dreams) and Patrick Moberg have split up. Goodbye! The story is as follows …. Moberg had spotted Hayton on a New York subway and thought he found true love. Only problem – he didn’t know who she was.

Tom Feltenstein Met Wife While Dogs Played

Tom Feltenstein Met Wife While Dogs Played - A South Florida man who looked for love using an Interstate 95 billboard has gotten married.

Lucrative Love: The Insider's Secrets to Marrying Millions

Lucrative Love: The Insider's Secrets to Marrying Millions - In Lucrative Love, Tom gives you the facts and guidance you need to marry the Joe or Jane Millionaire of your dreams. Using his many years of business knowledge, he approaches your marital and financial future as a business by teaching you: Where to meet Mr. or Ms. Moneybags and its not at a bar; how to leave the trailer park and Daisy Duke wardrobe behind; how insisting on a pre-nup can get you the lifestyle you really want; and how to deal with suspecting in-laws, bluebloods and the country club set. Tom Feltenstein Author Of Lucrative Love: The Insider's Secrets to Marrying Millions (Video) met wife while dogs played. A Florida man who advertised his search for a mate on a billboard said he is now married -- to a woman who had never even seen his ad.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

John Travolta Kelly Preston Married 20 Years

John Travolta Kelly Preston Married 20 Years - John Travolta, the 57 years old actor divorces Kelly Preston after 20 years of marriage. Kelly Preston (born October 13, 1962) is an American actress and former model. Preston was born Kelly Kamalelehua Smith in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Naomi Watts Princess Diana

Naomi Watts Princess Diana - British-Australian actress Naomi Watts is to play Princess Diana in a movie about the late royal's final two years, filmmakers have announced.

Nick Cannon Affair

Nick Cannon Affair - Last night’s BET Honors in Washington DC was a family affair for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Mariah was recognized with the entertainer award and her husband, Nick, and son, Moroccan, presented her with the statue on stage.

June Shannon Defends Pageant Crack Alana

June Shannon Defends Pageant Crack Alana - A pageant mother accused of 'doping' her child after giving her high-sugar snacks and caffeinated drinks before a show has defended her actions.

7 Year Old Walmart Abduction

7 Year Old Walmart Abduction - stranger danger- Girl escapes alleged kidnapping Police say a 7-year-old girl's kicking and screaming helped her get away from a man who allegedly tried to abduct her . Police say the man tried to grab the girl from the toy aisle. They say security video shows a man carrying the girl away, then letting her go after she fought back.

Situation Sorrentino Gay Rumor Implications

Situation Sorrentino Gay Rumor Implications - The Situation : Stop saying I'm gay, Situation Sorrentino gay rumor implications, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is a meticulously groomed, highly fashionable, in-shape male who has a huge following in the gay community. But despite the assertions of other "Jersey Shore" cast members, Sorrentino insists that he's not gay. In fact, The Situation is reportedly furious at his cast mates for spreading the gay rumors, as he thinks it could hurt his brand-endorsement deals

June Shannon Defends Pageant Crack Alana

June Shannon Defends Pageant Crack Alana, +study shows sugary drinks linked childhood obesity- Toddlers' mom defends feeding daughter 'pageant crack'June Shannon says a little “pageant crack” can be the difference between her 6-year-old daughter Alana winning a beauty pageant or losing it . The mom, whose daughter is on the TLC show “Toddlers & Tiaras”, is defending her use of the “crack”, in an interview with Good Morning America.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The man who forgives is far stronger than the man who fights

The man who forgives is far stronger than the man who fights

The man who forgives is far stronger than the man who fights, I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is only another way of saying, I will not forgive. Forgiveness ought to be like a cancelled note - torn in two, and burned up, so that it never can be shown against one. ~Henry Ward Beecher.

Florida Man Ordered Wife on Date

Florida Man Ordered Wife on Date - Let the punishment fit the crime? A Florida man who appeared in court yesterday on a domestic violence charge was ordered by the judge to ... take his wife on a date. The charge apparently grew out of an argument Joseph Bray had with his wife—whose birthday he failed to acknowledge on Monday. According to the arrest report, Bray shoved his wife onto the couch, held her neck, and readied himself for a punch, but didn't actually hit her. At yesterday's hearing, she told Judge Jay Hurley she was neither hurt nor in fear. Because of that, and because Bray had no priors, the judge ordered what the Sun-Sentinel calls "whimsical conditions."

Sanchez-vicario Owes $1.5m in Taxes

Sanchez-Vicario Owes $1.5m In Taxes - Tennis Star Arantxa Sanchez Vicario Owes $1.5m In Taxes. Tennis star Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario owes $1.5m in taxes, and in her autobiography that was published Tuesday, “Vamos! Memorias de una Vida, una Lucha y una Mujer”, she spoke of how her $60 million in earnings from her tennis career was allegedly squandered by her parents and she is now left bankrupt.

IPad 3 Release Date

IPad 3 Release Date - As February ticks away, the rumors surrounding the next iPad are flowing fast and furious. Apple has the habit of pushing out its tablets in the spring, releasing the iPad 2 in March 2011 and the original model in April 2010. Here’s a general look at the rumors that are out there about the tablet — remember to take all with a healthy pinch of salt.

Josh Powell Threatened Mother

Josh Powell Threatened Mother - Josh Powell, the husband of a missing Utah woman who killed himself and his two young sons last week, was a disturbed adolescent who threatened and hit his mother, according to 1992 court documents obtained by ABC News.

Squatters Grenade Pig

Squatters Grenade Pig - A man and a woman squatting in a Miami home were arrested Tuesday after police found 10 grenades, drugs and a pet pig at the premises they were illegally staying at, WTVJ-TV reported.

Maryland Mall Evacuated Nike

Maryland Mall Evacuated Nike - A Maryland Mall was locked down and temporarily evacuated Saturday morning after more than 100 people became unruly while they were waiting to buy a new line of Nike shoes, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said.

Life-sized Wedding Cake of Bride Weighed 400 Pounds

Life-sized Wedding Cake of Bride Weighed 400 Pounds  - The couple: When Innocent and Chidi Ogbuta of Texas renewed their wedding vows after 10 years of marriage, they hosted an unusual guest: a life-size wedding cake made in the bride's image.

Lindsay Lohan Legal Fees $1.45 Million

Lindsay Lohan Legal Fees $1.45 Million - Lohan Threatening To Sue Media Loaded- Lindsay Lohan has racked up no less than $1.45 million in legal fees only over the past four years when she started on a downwards spiral.

Nun Response to Boyfriend Our Sister has Chosen the Path She Want

Nun Response to Boyfriend Our Sister has Chosen the Path She Want  - The couple: When Patrizia Masoero decided to take religious vows and become a nun, she broke off her relationship to Daniel Briatore, a lifeguard she had been dating for several years. Vigil for girlfriend turned nun, Vigil for lost love

The Military Fort in the Basement

The Military Fort in the Basement - Outside the window is an incredible cold, the streets iced over, and sometimes the air is very dangerous, especially to the child. One resourceful parent figured out how to keep your naughty child at home.He built him a real military fort in the cellar in his basement. Now the child can play, without leaving home.

Iceland Loch Ness Monster Real or Robot

Iceland Loch Ness Monster Real or Robot - There's something undoubtedly fishy about this footage of a 'serpent-like' sea creature gliding through the waters of an Icelandic river. iceland loch ness monster real or robot,

Donna Voutsinas Alex in Background of Disney World Photo

Donna Voutsinas + Alex in background of Disney World photo - The couple: If you've ever wondered whether you and your soul mate have passed each other without ever knowing, consider the story of Alex and Donna Voutsinas. Alex and Donna Voutsinas + disneyland photo,

Joan Rivers Injects Daughter

Joan Rivers Injects Daughter - Getting along with your mother well enough to live with her is one thing

Flo Rida Sued Wages

Flo Rida Sued Wages - Flo Rida is reportedly being sued by his former assistant for making her work extreme hours and paying her less than minimum wage.

Brandon Jacobs Gisele Shut up

Brandon Jacobs Gisele Shut up - Brandon Jacobs tells Gisele Bundchen to ‘shut up’ Brandon Jacobs knows nothing about the high road

Iceland Loch Ness Monster

Iceland Loch Ness Monster - There's something undoubtedly fishy about this footage of a 'serpent-like' sea creature gliding through the waters of an Icelandic river. iceland loch ness monster real or robot,

Strip Club Next to Convent

Strip Club Next to Convent - The Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo said yesterday they had been told the building being erected just a stone's throw from the Melrose Park convent's vegetable garden was a restaurant.

Jennifer Aniston Brangelina

Jennifer Aniston Brangelina  - Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are not enemies

Gary Busey Sued Drunken Airport

Gary Busey Sued Drunken Airport - Gary Busey files for Chapter 7 Oscar-nominated actor Gary Busey, 67, has reportedly filed for bankruptcy . Buseyreportedly names the IRS, the UCLA Medical Center  and a woman who recently sued him as his creditors. He's starred in more than 70 movies  and been on several TV shows.

Reed Harris Give Fiance X-ray of Swallowed Ring

Reed Harris Give Fiance X-ray of Swallowed Ring - Ring sipped away - The couple: Reed Harris thought he had come up with a really sweet marriage proposal for his girlfriend,

Lohan Legal Fees Spent

Lohan Legal Fees Spent - How much has Lohan spent on lawyers? For Los Angeles-area attorneys, actress Lindsay Lohan has been the gift that keeps on giving. The total amount that Lohan has spent on legal fees over the years has now been estimated, and the reported figure is sky high. Lohan’s legal bills won’t end soon either, as she’s currently being sued by two people and also threatening to sue others.

Sangli Werewolf Sisters

Sangli Werewolf Sisters - It is one of the rarest conditions in the world, affecting just one in a billion people.

Gary Busey Bankruptcy

Gary Busey bankruptcy - Gary Busey files for Chapter 7 Oscar-nominated actor Gary Busey, 67, has reportedly filed for bankruptcy . Buseyreportedly names the IRS, the UCLA Medical Center  and a woman who recently sued him as his creditors. He's starred in more than 70 movies  and been on several TV shows.

- who's starred in more than 70 movies -- has less than $50,000 to his name ... and more than $500,000 in various debts ... this according to official documents obtained by TMZ. gary busey bankruptcy, gary busey sued drunken airport,

67-year-old Busey filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California yesterday. Busey checked the box showing he has less than $50,000 in assets ... and somewhere between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in various debts.

In the docs, Busey indicates he might owe money to everyone from the IRS ... to various lawyers ... UCLA Medical Center ... Wells Fargo ... L.A. County Waterworks Districts ... and a storage company.

He also notes that he might owe money to a woman named Carla Loeffler, who sued Busey for allegedly attacking her at a Tulsa airport back in May. gary busey birthday, June 29, 1944,

Interestingly, we shot Gary out in Malibu on Monday -- a day before he filed -- and he didn't seem all that fazed by the whole bankruptcy thing ... dancing his face off in a parking lot.A rep for Gary tells TMZ, "Gary's filing is the final chapter in a process that began a few years ago of jettisoning the litter of past unfortunate choices, associations, circumstances, and events." gary busey 1 million,

Busey's filing on Tuesday in Los Angeles provides few details but includes more than a dozen potential creditors. The actor and reality show star does not state a reason for the filing. His manager Ron Sampson wrote in a statement the filing provides Busey "a new and clear path" to personal and career success.The filing states the 67-year-old has less than $50,000 in assets. Busey has starred in numerous films including "Point Break" and "Lethal Weapon" but has in recent years appeared more on reality shows such as "Celebrity Apprentice."

The filing was first reported Wednesday by celebrity website TMZ. gary busey sued drunken airport,

California - Former Tulsan and Nathan Hale High School graduate Gary Busey, 67, has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy saying he has less than $50,000 to his name, according to
Busey has starred in 70 movies including The Buddy Holly Story, Lethal Weapon, Silver Bullet, Rookie of the Year and Under Siege.

According to, Busey lists a long list of creditors including the IRS, Wells Fargo and the UCLA Medical Center. also lists a woman named Carla Loeffler who is suing Busey for what she calls an assault at Tulsa International Airport in May 2011.

After graduating from Hale High School, Busey headed to Pittsburg State University in southeast Kansas on a football scholarship, before making his way to Hollywood.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dead Whale Shark in Pakistan

Dead whale shark in Pakistan - Mehmood Khan, owner of the fishing Chara, told reporters that he is dying whale shark seen in the sea for another ten days ago, at a distance of 150 km from the fishery. On Tuesday, a giant shark Mehmood Khan's men have already found dead in shallow waters off the coast of Divination in Balochistan.

Dr OZ Health 1 Million

Dr OZ Health 1 Million - Television already has "The Biggest Loser." Dr. Mehmet Oz is looking for the biggest number of losers.

Dr OZ Health 1 Million - "The Dr. Oz Show" said Monday that it had netted its 1 millionth participant in its "transformation nation" health effort, and the number is climbing. One of those people will win a $1 million prize in May.

Since September, Oz has urged viewers to participate in his health challenge, done together with Weight Watchers. The number of registrants has increased steadily to a point that Oz said he'd never imagined the program would reach.

"It is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life," Oz said.

Oz's program has seven steps, starting with the simplest: Tell a friend to get some moral support. Participants are asked to register with Weight Watchers and go to a center to have their body mass index calculated. Other steps include connecting with a doctor, learning your family's health history, getting more sleep, managing stress better and starting new fitness habits.

A sample of 96,000 registrants who had weighed in at Weight Watchers determined they had collectively lost 672,000 pounds, or an average of 7 pounds per person, the show said.

The show will select 10 finalists that it believes best embody the effort — not necessarily those who lose the most weight — and viewers will choose a favorite this spring for the $1 million prize. People need to register by Feb. 26 to be eligible.

Participants are sent weekly email reminders by the show of things they need to do to reach their goals, tailored to their individual circumstances.

"Fundamentally, it's about making it easier to do the right thing," Oz said.

Oz also said he hoped the project would be a model for using TV to accomplish worthwhile goals.

Source: yahoo

Somalia Car Bomb 10 Cafe

Somalia Car Bomb 10 Cafe - The Islamic group Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility of the bomb blast in the Somali capital of Mogadishu. The police has confirmed that 10 people were killed in the blast which also injured 20 people.

The explosion took place at a café in the Mogadishu. Police have ruled the incident as a suicide attack. The incident took place near Hotel Muna which was also bombed in August 2010. Somalia Car Bomb 10 Cafe,

Officials say three of the victims died later at the hospital. Seven people were killed on the spot when the incident happened. They report that a car loaded with explosives was parked outside the café. The blast occurred on Wednesday when people had gathered at the café to take drinks.

An official was quoted by the AFP as saying that, “There was a heavy explosion, a car full of explosives was detonated.”

Somalia is one of the most dangerous places in the world. The African nation is without a functioning government. The UN-appointed government controls only the capital.

Al-Shabab is fighting to impose Islamic rule in the country. The group is linked to al-Qaeda and they have killed several people since they launched a fight on the central government.

Source: thaindian

Oldest Living Organism Seagrass

Oldest Living Organism Seagrass - Australian scientists have discovered the world’s oldest living organisms – seagrass. They inhabit more than 2000 miles ranging from the country of Spain to Cyrus. The scientists studied the DNA of the seagrass and they were able to scientifically prove that some samples are between 12,000 to 200,000 years old and the oldest sample that they encountered is more than 100,000 years old.

The previous record holder of the world’s oldest organism is a plant that is found in Tasmania and it is said to be more than 43,000 years old.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Prof Carlos Duarte, who works at the University of Western Australia said that, “They are continually producing new branches. They spread very slowly and cover a very large area giving them more area to mine resources. They can then store nutrients within their very large branches during bad conditions for growth. The seagrass in the Mediterranean is already in clear decline due to shoreline construction and declining water quality and this decline has been exacerbated by climate change. As the water warms, the organisms move slowly to higher altitudes. The Mediterranean is locked to the north by the European continent.“

He also added that the seagrass is able to survive for such a long time as they reproduce in an asexual way, which is very vital to their very existence.

Source: thaindian

Richard Hatch $25 IRS

Richard Hatch $25 IRS - A federal judge has rejected a request from "Survivor" alum Richard Hatch to make a reduced payment of $25 to the Internal Revenue Service in his tax evasion case.

Hatcher, 50, was convicted in 2006 of failing to pay taxes on the $1 million he received for winning the CBS reality show's first season, which aired in 2000 and famously saw him stripping naked in front of the contestants. He served three years in jail. In 2009, he was ordered to refile his taxes from the 2000-2001 year. A judge ruled he failed to do so and he was sent back to prison in March 2011.

He spent nine months behind bars and was freed in December. Hatch was ordered to pay 25 percent of his gross income to the IRS, as part of the terms of his 26-month supervised release. Richard Hatch $25 IRS,

Hatch says he has earned only $500 since he last left prison and had asked that his January payment to the IRS be reduced to $25. A Rhode Island federal judge rejected his request on Tuesday, February 7, the Associated Press reported.

His lawyer, public defender Mary McElroy, told the news wire that 20 percent of Hatch's income goes to his accountant and agent and that the reality star is saving for an apartment. Hatch has maintained he is innocent and was "wrongfully imprisoned." He has also said CBS and the show's production company should pay his tax bill.

Since winning "Survivor," Hatch has appeared on other reality shows, such as "The Celebrity Apprentice." He said in December, following his release from prison, that he is trying to develop a new series about his relationship with children he conceived from his sperm donations and that a production company was involved in the project. He did not name the firm.

He said he has already met two of the children through the Donor Sibling Registry, which helps connect donors and their children.

Hatch, who is gay, also has an adopted son named Christopher, who is a university student. Hatch told E! News after he was released from jail that he was a sperm donor when he was in college and has "quite a few children." One of the ones he met is a 22-year-old Maine woman named Emily, who visited him in prison. The other is a 22-year-old New Jersey man named Devin.

A person named Devin O'Neil wrote on the Donor Sibling Registry's website in September 2010 about how he learned that Hatch was his biological father.

"I had remembered a physical description that my mom had given me of my donor when I was 12," O'Neil said. "Not so long story short I met the guy after an email I sent and got a DNA test. Turns out he was a match. The guy turned out to be Richard Hatch from that 'Survivor' show on CBS."

40-Foot Whale Shark

40-Foot Whale Shark - The shark from "Jaws" was not this big - not even close

40-Foot Whale Shark - Fishermen in Pakistan reeled in a massive 40-foot whale shark Tuesday and sold it for a tidy $18,750, The Express Tribune newspaper reports. The largest confirmed whale shark on record was 41 feet long.

For the record, Bruce, the mechanical great white shark from the 1975 big-screen blockbuster, was 25 feet long and weighed three tons. The whale shark found in Pakistan weighed an estimated seven tons and was six feet wide, according to the newspaper.

The whale shark was already dead when the fishermen found it 93 miles from Karachi, but they had the daunting task of getting the carcass to shore.

Five cranes were reportedly needed to pull the shark out of the water after two cranes failed to do the job.

The whale shark is the largest fish in the sea, according to National Geographic's website. The World Conservation Union listed it as an endangered species in 2008.

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Zuckerberg Taxes

Zuckerberg Taxes - Mark Zuckerberg may sell about $1.67 billion of Facebook Inc. stock in the company’s initial public offering to pay off taxes he will owe when he exercises options to buy 120 million shares.

The social network’s chief executive officer will owe taxes on gains related to the award of options, the Menlo Park, California-based company said this week in its IPO prospectus. The options were granted to Zuckerberg in 2005 and expire in 2015, and he’ll sell stock to cover liabilities, Facebook said.

“We expect that substantially all of the net proceeds Mr. Zuckerberg will receive upon such sale will be used to satisfy taxes that he will incur upon his exercise of an outstanding stock option to purchase 120,000,000 shares” of common stock, according to the filing.

Zuckerberg, 27, stands to become one of richest people in the world with a stake in Facebook that could be worth as much as $28.4 billion. His company, which filed on Feb. 1 to raise as much as $5 billion in an IPO, is discussing a valuation of $75 billion to $100 billion, two people familiar with the matter said last week.

At the high end of that range, assuming roughly 2.51 billion Facebook shares outstanding, each share may be worth about $39.79. The awarded shares carry an exercise price of 6 cents. Assuming Zuckerberg buys all 120 million shares at that price, his gains would total about $4.77 billion. Zuckerberg Taxes,

Zuckerberg’s tax rate will be 35 percent, said Victor Fleischer, associate professor of law at the University of Colorado. That means his bill would be about $1.67 billion.

Larry Yu, a spokesman for Facebook, declined to comment.

The social network had a valuation of at least $94 billion, or about $40 a share, in an auction of its shares on the private market earlier this week.

Source: businessweek

Duggar Extortion

Duggar Extortion - Amy Duggar from the show 19 Kids and Counting is setting the record straight after being targeted by a woman in Iowa who claimed to have compromising photos of Amy as part of an attempt to extort money from TLC.

Federal court documents show that Teresa Hunt was arrested Feb. 1 after she apparently sent TLC executives letters demanding that they cancel 19 Kids and Counting or pay her $10,000 in exchange for her not releasing to a magazine photos of Amy and a 56-year-old musician that were described as depicting "apparently intimate situations." Duggar Extortion,

Amy, an aspiring country singer and the 25-year-old niece of Jim Bob Duggar, told ET in a statement that there are no compromising photos of her with the musician, whom she has known for quite some time as a friend. "It's totally untrue. He is a longtime family friend who has always been supportive of my music career. He's a good Christian and it's upsetting that his generosity has been exploited like this."

The TLC reality show focuses on the ups and downs of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar as they raise their growing family of 19 children.

Source: yahoo

15 Pound Baby China

15 Pound Baby China - A 15.5-pound baby boy named Chun Chun was born on Saturday in central China and is said to be the country's heaviest baby on record, normal baby weight 6 to 9 pounds, according to reports.

He was born via Chun Chun was born in a caesarean section that lasted around 20 minutes, reported. normal baby weight 6 to 9 pounds,

Both the mother and baby are reported in good condition in a local hospital in Xinxiang city, Henan province, The Daily Mail reported. 15 pound baby china,

"My wife was not different from other pregnant women. She ate and drank normally as she should. But she's given birth to such a big, fat son," Han Jingang, father of the 15.5-pound baby told local broadcaster Xinxiang Television. "Today is the first day of spring in the Chinese calendar and he's a 'dragon baby'. I feel very happy." worlds heaviest baby 23 pounds,

Wang Yujuan, the 29 year old who gave birth to the 15.5 pound Chun, said she felt her body was more clumsy than when she was pregnant with her daughter.

"My belly was bigger than it was then," Yujuan said. "I guessed the baby would be between 4.5 and 5 kgs. I never expected to hear that he weighs 7 kgs."

The Daily Mail reported that the couple's daughter, who is now 6 years old, a littl more than 8 pounds at birth. worlds heaviest baby 23 pounds,

Last month, an approximately 14-pound baby boy named Asher was born naturally to Kendall Stewardson at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Stewardson gave birth to Asher without the help of surgery and without an epidural injection. Baby Asher, who is 23 ½ inches long, weighed 13 pound and 13 ounces at birth.

The heaviest baby at birth, listed by Guinness World Records, was in 1879 in Ohio. The baby boy weighed 23 pounds 12 ounces at birth and his mother was said to be a "giantess." The baby boy died 11 hours after birth.

Source: ibtimes

Lohan Poodle Coat

Lohan Poodle Coat - It might be chilly in New York - but that does not excuse Lindsay Lohan's new coat

The 25-year-old troubled actress arrived to the Big Apple, lohan poodle coat, apparently trying to make something of a style statement.

She bundled up against the 44F (7C) temperatures in a voluminous off-white coat, lindsay lohan threatens lawsuit, which seemed to take its style inspiration from that of a shaved poodle. lindsay lohan moves trespasser arrest,

It came complete with a furry trim around the bottom and the neckline.

Lohan arrived to NYC - where her mother Dina live - fresh from a flight from her California base in Los Angeles.

The actress is currently living it up at celebrity hangout Chateau Marmont after moving out of her Venice Beach apartment. lindsay lohan threatens lawsuit,

The Mean Girls star, who has been jailed five times in as many years, recently slammed reports that she was drinking alcohol at the SAG Awards.

Lindsay, who has been in and out of rehab, claims to be clean of drugs and alcohol.

An insider told TMZ she was threatening to sue over the reports which claimed she was drinking on last Sunday night at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. Lindsay Lohan Chateau Marmont free,

She insists she only drank water all night and blamed rumours of her hard-partying on why she gets offered so few acting roles.

Her former neighbours in Venice Beach have also come out recently saying she was a nightmare to live next door to, because of all the drama and partying she brought with her. Lindsay Lohan Chateau Marmont free,

The actress has not appeared in a film since the 2010 flop Machete. She was recently replaced as the lead in the biopic on porn star Linda Lovelace by her Mean Girls co-star Amanda Seyfried.

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