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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lena Pettersson 10 hour

Lena Pettersson 10 hour - Lena Pettersson 10 hour refund - Kenya Airways was extremely apologetic to Radio Sweden journalist Lena Pettersson after she spent a ten hour flight to Tanzania next to a dead man. After boarding a flight at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, she noticed the directly across the aisle form her “sweating and having seizures.” The cabin crew attempted to revive the man, but he died mere hours into the flight.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Springfield, Oregon Most Strip Clubs

Springfield, Oregon Most Strip ClubsSpringfield, Oregon Most Strip Clubs, A news magazine distributed to millions of people across the United States claims Portland, Ore., has the nation’s best bike culture – and Springfield, Ore., has the most strip clubs per capita in America.

Obama Romney Alien Invasion

Obama Romney Alien Invasion - In the event that Bill Pullman isn't available, two-thirds of respondents to a new survey say that President Barack Obama would be better suited to handle an alien invasion than presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Alien Attack Americans Pick Obama Over Romney

Alien Attack Americans Pick Obama Over Romney - President Obama may be trailing Mitt Romney in the polls on who’d do a better job fixing the economy. But if the Earth ever is attacked by hostile beings from another planet, a strong majority of voters believe Mr. Obama would be superior in dealing with the situation.

Houston Pole Tax

Houston Pole Tax - The city of Houston has turned to a somewhat unorthodox source of revenue to finance the analysis of rape kits taken from victims, of which the Houston Police Department has a backlog of about 6,000, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Houston strip clubs to be Taxed

Michael Jackson tiger

Michael-Jackson-tiger - Thriller, a tiger that belonged to Michael Jackson when the entertainer lived at his Neverland ranch, has died of lung cancer at actress-activist Tippi Hedren’s wildlife preserve in California.The 13-year-old, 375-pound tiger died June 11, Hedren said Wednesday. An autopsy was performed and the tiger was cremated. Staff workers will hold a private service when the ashes are buried in a section of the preserve set aside for animals that die there.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Nun Response To Boyfriend Our Sister Has Chosen The Path She Want

Nun Response To Boyfriend Our Sister Has Chosen The Path She Want, A broken hearted Italian man has mounted a vigil outside a convent at Montecassino Abbey after his ex-girlfriend joined the Franciscan nuns.

‘We’re Healers’: Prussian Blue Twins

‘We’re Healers’: Prussian Blue Twins, Olsen twin lookalikes Lamb and Lynx Gaeda founded the band Prussian Blue in 2003, when they were 11. Coached by their mother, who homeschooled the two because public schools “misrepresented history,” the blond twins from California started dressing in smiley-face Hitler tees and singing pretty acoustic songs about white nationalism and the dangers of race mixing.

Paula Deen Loses 30 Pounds

Paula Deen Loses 30 Pounds - Television food personality Paula Deen took a public relations bashing when she announced in January that she had Type 2 diabetes, in no small part because the style of cooking she had promoted her entire career was laden with the stuff that can lead to diabetes, and because she also announced a deal with diabetes drug manufacturer Novo Nordisk at the same time.Five months later, she's talking about how she's lost 30 pounds, and never once gives credit to the diabetes drug.

Terry Claver Find Lost Ring In Discarded Toilet

Terry Claver Find Lost Ring In Discarded Toilet – There are some blessed couples who stand by one another for the duration of their lives. Despite remaining together for many years, they just don’t tire of making each other smile. The experience of Terry and Donna Claver is one that may appear to be a fairytale.

Donna Voutsinas + Alex in Background of Disney World Photo

Donna Voutsinas + alex in background of Disney World photoDonna Voutsinas + alex in background of Disney World photo, When Alex and Donna Voutsinas were photographed together at Disney World, they didn’t know each other. In fact, they didn’t even live in the same country. But fifteen years later, they met and married:

Nun Response To Boyfriend Our Sister Has Chosen The Path She Want

Nun Response To Boyfriend Our Sister Has Chosen The Path She Want, A broken hearted Italian man has mounted a vigil outside a convent at Montecassino Abbey after his ex-girlfriend joined the Franciscan nuns.

Ruben Salazar Rachel Salazar Were Together For Eight Days

Ruben Salazar Rachel Salazar Were Together For Eight Days - The couple: Not every error is a mistake, especially when it comes to love. Just ask Ruben P. Salazar of Waco, Texas.

Haisong Jiang Fined $500, Court Costs and 100 Hours Community Service

Haisong Jiang fined $500, court costs and 100 hours community service - The couple: Sometimes a love affair has consequences even for other people. China native and Rutgers University grad student Haisong Jiang wanted to give his beloved just one more kiss before she flew home. So he ducked under a rope at airport security when TSA officers weren't looking and walked her to the gate.

Casey Anthony Lawyer Book

Casey Anthony Lawyer Book - Attorney for Casey Anthony, Casey Anthony Lawyer Book, Jose Baez, has written a tell-all book, Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story, about his experience during the infamous Casey Anthony trial.

Unique Love Stories

Unique Love Stories
Unique love stories- Love stories i have ever read. Stories that show love in new ways. Stories that make love: "Love is strange," according to a popular song from the '50s . And true love, like truth, is often stranger than fiction. The following stories, some old and some new, show the weird, wacky and sometimes wonderful sides of love.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

James Hackett Assault And Battery

James Hackett Assault And Battery - A Lowell, Mass. man is facing assault and battery charges after police say he attacked his 11-year-old stepdaughter with an unlikely weapon – an order of french fries. James Hackett, 26, is accused of throwing the McDonald’s fries at his stepdaughter, who was in the back seat of his car, after an argument among him, his wife and the girl escalated.

Lowell Sun: Man Plans Not-guilty In French Fry Assault

Lowell Sun: Man Plans Not-guilty In French Fry Assault - A 26-year-old Lowell man was released without bail after police arrested him for allegedly throwing hot McDonald’s French fries at his 11-year-old stepdaughter. In Lowell District Court on Monday, James D. Hackett, of 56 Bellvue St., apt. 3, pleaded not guilty to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon — French fries.

Adele Gay Boyfriend Best Friend

Adele Gay Boyfriend Best Friend - A new unauthorized biography about Grammy-award winning musician Adele fills in some details for what was already common knowledge among fans: Adele’s great heartbreak, the inspiration for many of he songs on her successful 2008 debut album “19,” was being left by her bisexual boyfriend for a gay lover.

Madonna Scared Of Fans Stealing Her DNA

Madonna Scared Of Fans Stealing Her DNA - Madonna Scared Of Fans Stealing Her DNA, Pop diva Madonna reportedly orders sterile wipes of her dressing room after each show to prevent her fans from stealing her DNA.

Lila Moss Wears Too Much Makeup

Lila Moss Wears Too Much Makeup, The 11-year-old daughter of British supermodel Kate Moss, Lila Grace, approves the makeup from her mother, While promoting her new line of beauty brand Rimmel London Moss tells her daughter that her thick makeup layer, but found nothing.

Kate Moss & Daughter Lila Grace Pose Nude Together In Vogue

Kate Moss & Daughter Lila Grace Pose Together In Vogue, Kate Moss is sharing some exclusive shots from her wedding in the September issue of Vogue magazine. But what seems to be interesting, is the rather intimate n*de photo of Moss and her daughter Lila Grace posing together.

Madonna Sterilization

Madonna Sterilization - Madonna doesn't want you to have her DNA.The pop star apparently uses a "DNA Sterilization Team" on her current tour, Madonna Sterilization, according to Britain's Daily Mail. The team cleans and disinfects each dressing room Madonna uses on the tour, literally wiping away any trace of the singer.

Lila Moss Model

Lila Moss Model - Lila Moss, SHE’S the daughter of one of the world's most famous models and continually surrounded by the industry's coolest faces, so it was inevitable that Lila Moss would want to follow in the footsteps of her fashion icon mum.

Adele Dumped

Adele Dumped - Adele's bisexual boyfriend dumped her for her own gay pal, according to claims made in her new unauthorised biography.The painful split was allegedly what inspired her very first album 19 - and paved the way for the record-shattering career that was to follow.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Elizabeth Lloyd Hit In The Face With A Baseball

Elizabeth Lloyd Hit In The Face With A Baseball, A 45-year-old New Jersey woman is suing a 13-year-old Little League player for an errant throw that struck her in the face. Elizabeth Lloyd is seeking more than $150,000 in damages to cover medical costs stemming from the incident at a Manchester Little League game two years ago, The Associated Press reported.

Valerie Bruno Files Complaints

Valerie Bruno Files Complaints, A mom is filing a complaint after cutting off her daughter’s ponytail in a Utah courtroom in exchange for a lighter sentence for the 13-year-old. Valerie Bruno’s daughter, Kaytlen Lopan, was charged with assault in March after she and a friend chopped off several inches of hair from the head of a 3-year-old girl they didn’t know at a McDonald’s restaurant.

CBS: Mother Cuts Off Daughter’s Ponytail in Court

CBS: Mother Cuts Off Daughter’s Ponytail In Court, Sleep in a doghouse rather than jail, walk through town with a humiliating sign or cut off a child’s ponytail as eye-for-eye punishment. Such unconventional sentences that shame defendants are steadily increasing and turning state courts into circus shows, a legal scholar said Monday.

Paris Hilton DJ Booed (Video)

Paris Hilton DJ Booed (Video) - Paris Hilton is a DJ now, premiering her new single "Last Night" in Brazil. But she recieved boos from the audience.

Watch Video

Willow Smith Tongue Ring

Willow Smith Tongue Ring - The daughter of Hollywood power-couple Will and Jada Smith, Willow was likely given more than most re-teen girls.Smith, Willow Smith Tongue Ring, who made a name for herself with her 2010 smash “Whip My Hair,” was recently seen, via Instagram, with a new… development. The 11 year old posted a photo of her seemingly with a tongue ring, examiner reported.

Jenelle Evans Arrested

Jenelle Evans Arrested - "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans has just been arrested ... Jenelle Evans Arrested order, for the second time in a week, TMZ has learned.

Ann Curry $10 Million

Ann Curry $10 Million - Ann Curry will supposedly make a fortune, Ann Curry $10 Million,  when she leaves the Today Show. According to TMZ she is being fired due to poor ratings and the fact she doesn’t get along with co-host Matt Lauer — and that she’ll get a $10 million payout from NBC.

Grandfather Leg Tattoo All Kids Removed From The Home

Grandfather Leg Tattoo All Kids Removed From The Home, Jerry Garrison, a grandfather in Jacksonville, Florida, says it is a tradition in his family to get your initials tattooed on your body. So when his 10-year-old grandson asked for the same, Garrison agreed.

Cordell Broadus And Ucla

Cordell Broadus And Ucla, When UCLA offered Cordell Broadus a scholarship, the Bruins were doing more than trying to attract a promising sophomore wide receiver and defensive back for Diamond Bar (Calif.) High. In essence, the program was staking a claim to territory in the L.A. pop culture spotlight, for one very clear reason: Cordell Broadus is Snoop Dogg’s son.

Madonna And DNA Cleaning

Madonna And DNA Cleaning, Madonna has DNA cleaning team for tour: Madonna has set up a “sterilisation team” to wipe away any DNA in her dressing room after shows on her MDNA world tour. The 53-year-old has also told organisers only her and her entourage are allowed ­backstage passes.

Teri Hatcher Shockingly Short Hair

Teri Hatcher Shockingly Short Hair, The former “Desperate Housewives” star hit the red carpet this weekend — sporting a ‘do even shorter than the look she used to rock on “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” back in the late ’90s.

Obama Event Registry

Obama Event Registry - President Obama has a new Obama event registry, which is best described as a bizarre gimmick to rake in campaign donations. This new concept was announced today to the media and it's already been met with much criticism.

Steve Carell Guest On The Office

Steve Carell Guest On The Office, Michael Scott has left the building and it looks like he’s not coming back. Ever. Steve Carell, who portrayed Dunder Mifflin’s beloved but painfully awkward manager for seven seasons on The Office, told The Los Angeles Times he has no plans to return to the NBC comedy.

18 Holes In The World

18 Holes In The World - Beautiful Natural Holes, Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas Blue Hole Dehaene is known worldwide as an ideal place for a free dive. It is situated in the bay to the west of the town of Clarence, the island of Long Island, Bahamas.Blue Hole has a circular base, with a diameter of 25 to 35 meters (82-110 feet). After a descent of 20 meters (66 feet), significantly expanding the hole in the cave with a diameter of 100 meters (330 feet) failure Bimah, Oman failure Bimah, limestone crater filled with blue-green water, is a popular attraction of tourists coming to Kuarayat. It is located in Oman. failure is located 500 meters from the beach.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Famous Look-alikes

+Famous Lookalikes – Is that who you think it is? Be prepared to do a double take. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are not the only duo in the public eye who shares a similar appearance. Check out these images and see if you can guess the famous look-alike.

Kings Stanley Cup Puck

Kings Stanley Cup Puck - The Los Angeles Kings won their first Stanley Cup since the franchise was founded in 1967, Kings Stanley Cup puck, eliminating the New Jersey Devils in Game 6, 6-1, on Monday night.

James Marsden Pregnant

James Marsden Pregnant - James Marsden and Brazilian model Rose Costa are expecting their first child together.

Dennis Rodman Attack

Dennis Rodman Attack, On Friday Ex-Wife Trying To Restrain Dennis Rodman Following Alleged Attack was a top story. Here is the recap: (TMZ) Dennis Rodman drunkenly barged into his ex-wife’s house last month early in the morning, attacked her, then insisted on taking her and their son out for breakfast … where he slammed 4-6 Jنgermeister shots — this according to his ex-wife.

Bristol Palin Ratings

Bristol Palin Ratings - Ratings for the premiere of Lifetime‘s new reality show were as bad as the quality on screen, drawing an underwhelming 726,000 total viewers, Bristol Palin ratings, Deadline reports.

Chinese Euro Cup Fan Dies

Chinese Euro Cup Fan Dies - Time difference means matches are played in the middle of the night.Jiang Xiaoshan would then go and do a full day's work the next day
Sources said drinking and smoking weakened his immune system, He was supporting England and France in the tournament.

Kardashians And We're Spoiled

Kardashians And We're Spoiled - The second part to Oprah Winfrey’s interview with the Kardashian family airs tonight June 24, and the Kardashian sisters admit they are spoiled! Find out more about their confession and watch a video previewing tonight’s interview on OWN!

Pat Tillman's Final Love Letter

Pat Tillman's Final Love Letter
Pat Tillman's Final Love Letter - The widow of Pat Tillman, the NFL star who gave up his glittering career to serve his country and was killed by friendly fire, has revealed for the first time the letter he gave her to open in event of his death.

Serial Mistress: I’ve Never Broken Up A Marriage

Serial Mistress: I’ve Never Broken Up A Marriage, It was another eye-opening episode of HLN’s Dr. Drew during his sex and relationship themed show Wednesday night. Joining Dr. Drew was self-proclaimed serial mistress Karen Marley, who took quite a lashing from HLN viewers during the live broadcast. Marley, 45, said she has had affairs with more than 50 married men, noting that she doesn’t want to “steal your husband;” she just wants to “borrow him.”

Serial Mistress Wives Are ‘the Other Woman’

Serial Mistress Wives Are ‘the Other Woman’, She has been married herself – so knows what it is like to worry your partner might stray. But although divorced Karen Marley, 45, is back on the dating scene, she is determined she will only date men who are already married.

Justin Bieber Unconscious Five Minutes

Justin Bieber Unconscious Five Minutes, Justin Bieber slammed his head into a glass wall during his concert in Paris earlier this month, and now there is a scary video to corroborate the aftereffects of his injury. In his NBC special “Justin Bieber: All Around the World” fans get a glimpse of the pop singer passing out and falling down the stairs from a concussion he sustained.

Karen Marley Mistress

Karen Marley Mistress, No need to worry about this serial mistress stealing your husband — she “just wants to borrow him.” On Wednesday’s episode of “Dr. Drew” on HLN, self-professed serial mistress Karen Marley confessed to carrying on affairs with more than 50 married men over the last six years, though she claims she’s “never once broken up a marriage.”