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Monday, 25 June 2012

Karen Marley Mistress

Karen Marley Mistress, No need to worry about this serial mistress stealing your husband — she “just wants to borrow him.” On Wednesday’s episode of “Dr. Drew” on HLN, self-professed serial mistress Karen Marley confessed to carrying on affairs with more than 50 married men over the last six years, though she claims she’s “never once broken up a marriage.”

“I have never and would never break up a marriage, simply because I don’t particularly want the man,” the 45-year-old told Drew Pinsky and relationship expert Simone Bienne. “I dont particularly want somebody on my doorstep with a suitcase, saying ‘I left my wife.’ I would be mortified if that happened, because that is not why I started this for.” Karen Marley mistress, Serial mistress: I've never broken up a marriage,

So why did she start targeting married men? Marley, who uses UK website to arrange her rendezvous, said she’s learned that men who are single after a certain age tend to be single for a reason: “I did date a single man who licked his plate in the restaurant,” she recalled. “No married man would behave like that… they’re actually well-trained.” Serial mistress wives are 'the other woman',

Marley may have shocked those who called into Pinsky’s show Wednesday, but the criticism is nothing new for the British woman. In early June, the divorcée got an earful from Daily Mail readers after she told the paper about her penchant for married men. Edwards had other lovers, mistress says,

“I get the good bits of married men,” Marley told the Daily Mail earlier this month. “During our time together, it’s the wife who is the other woman.”