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Monday, 25 June 2012

Dennis Rodman Attack

Dennis Rodman Attack, On Friday Ex-Wife Trying To Restrain Dennis Rodman Following Alleged Attack was a top story. Here is the recap: (TMZ) Dennis Rodman drunkenly barged into his ex-wife’s house last month early in the morning, attacked her, then insisted on taking her and their son out for breakfast … where he slammed 4-6 Jنgermeister shots — this according to his ex-wife.

Michelle Rodman has obtained a temporary restraining order against Dennis over the May 28th incident — but was back in court in Orange County, CA yesterday to make it permanent. Restraining Order filed Rodman,

Michelle took the stand, describing the events that took place — claiming Dennis had shown up to Michelle’s house wasted at 2:30AM, completely unannounced, and demanded to see his 11-year-old son. Dennis Rodman bio,

Michelle said Dennis attacked her when she refused, shoving her onto a bed, then took off — only to return hours later, still intoxicated, asking to take their son to breakfast. Michelle obliged … on the condition she came with. Dennis Rodman attack, dennis rodman jager,

At breakfast, Michelle said Dennis got even more wasted — ordering 4-6 shots of Jنgermeister … in front of the kid … and downing them all. She claimed Dennis then repeatedly made comments about her boyfriend, saying, “You’re f**king this white guy!”

So far, it’s unclear if the judge will grant Michelle’s restraining order request — the hearing will continue this morning. Should be interesting … Dennis is expected to take the stand as well.