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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Terry Claver Find Lost Ring In Discarded Toilet

Terry Claver Find Lost Ring In Discarded Toilet – There are some blessed couples who stand by one another for the duration of their lives. Despite remaining together for many years, they just don’t tire of making each other smile. The experience of Terry and Donna Claver is one that may appear to be a fairytale.

In accordance with a report, Terry and Donna Claver have been committed to each other for almost forty years. The Clavers are a well-respected couple in the local community and have three children and quite a few grandkids. Their marriage has been able to endure all odds since they took their vows in 1973. The single thing missing was the engagement ring that the pair accidentally lost 36 years ago.
Donna and Terry’s first meeting

Donna and Terry were a very unlikely pair. While Donna was a hippie who moved to Stanford to escape her life in Fargo, Terry was a fresh high school graduate who planned to go to Bible College. At once striking up a connection, Donna and Terry decided to marry after only 3 dates. Terry was freshly employed in the U.S. Forest Service while Donna was still without a job.

Strengthening the Bond

While in search of engagement rings, they realized that diamonds were too expensive and instead selected a gorgeous pink synthetic sapphire. The engagement ring was not just budget friendly but additionally reminded them of one of their dates while they spent the night observing shooting stars. The Clavers before long wedded and settled into their first home, a one bedroom dwelling. After one year, they were expecting their very first baby. One fateful day, when Donna stepped into the restroom to apply lotion, she didn’t know that she would never see her engagement ring again.

How the Ring was Lost

Accidentally dropping it in the commode, Donna and Terry tried hard to retrieve it but without results. The ring was wedged solid in the toilet and just wouldn’t budge regardless of how hard Terry tried. Despite losing the ring, the Clavers continued a completely happy life. As time passed, the Clavers sold their home to purchase a larger house for their expanding family. The old house was resold to numerous folks over the years and had never been broken down. It was in 2006 that a group of Florida hunters purchased the home to use it every fall for a couple of weeks as a hunting cabin. By this time, Terry and Donna had abandoned the notion of ever rescuing the ring.

Terry’s Lucky Day

Terry and his son were recently on the job while replacing the roof of a house across from their old property. It was then that Terry saw the hunters dumping their old toilet. Terry instantly saw dreams of retrieving the lost sapphire engagement ring and promptly jumped to assist them. After convincing the hunters that he would discard the toilet for them, Terry used his sledgehammer to break down the commode. Sure enough, the ring was still intact in the toilet. Even while Terry knew that the gold would not deteriorate, he did not expect the stone to keep its pristine color. When Donna saw the ring, she was totally thrilled. This account is now the holiday season’s supper conversation at the Clavers’ home.