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Monday, 25 June 2012

Serial Mistress: I’ve Never Broken Up A Marriage

Serial Mistress: I’ve Never Broken Up A Marriage, It was another eye-opening episode of HLN’s Dr. Drew during his sex and relationship themed show Wednesday night. Joining Dr. Drew was self-proclaimed serial mistress Karen Marley, who took quite a lashing from HLN viewers during the live broadcast. Marley, 45, said she has had affairs with more than 50 married men, noting that she doesn’t want to “steal your husband;” she just wants to “borrow him.”

“Married men are actually well trained,” she told Dr. Drew. “They have been taught how to behave around a lady — and so it is quite nice to be treated well.”

But when relationship expert and “Loveline” co-host Simone Bienne took the floor, she expressed a few choice words for Marley.

“The attitude is delusional,” she said. “It’s narcissistic. It’s lazy and it’s cruel women don’t do this to other women.”

Bienne added, “You don’t need to do this and you shouldn’t be doing this because, in my experience, working with mistresses, you might think you are OK for the first 50 guys, and the first 50 marriages and children that you’ll help put in therapy for the rest of their lives — but what you’re doing is you’re not taking any responsibility.”

Marley, though, feels that everyone is missing the point, stating that she has never broken up a marriage.

“I don’t want to break up any marriages,” she explained. “[And] if the marriage isn’t breaking up, I’m not breaking up the children,” adding, “I have a huge amount of self-respect for myself and I don’t necessarily sleep with all these men men don’t necessarily need sex for it to constitute an affair.”

Later, Marley made it clear that she has never had a sexually transmitted disease “I’m not some kind of whore on my back 24/7,” she said. “I’m incredibly good friends with most of these guys,” concluding, “A mistress doesn’t have to be destructive and none of the relationships have ever been in have been destructive.”