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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

James Hackett Assault And Battery

James Hackett Assault And Battery - A Lowell, Mass. man is facing assault and battery charges after police say he attacked his 11-year-old stepdaughter with an unlikely weapon – an order of french fries. James Hackett, 26, is accused of throwing the McDonald’s fries at his stepdaughter, who was in the back seat of his car, after an argument among him, his wife and the girl escalated.

According to the police report, Hackett struck her in the face and chest; although the girl was unhurt, the report notes that the fries were “hot and oily” and could have caused burns. lowell sun: Man plans not-guilty in French fry assault, James Hackett fries,

According to The Daily Mail, Hackett pulled the car over and fled on a motorcycle, after which his wife called police. james hackett assault and battery,

Following his fast food frenzy, Hackett is free on bail after pleading not guilty on Monday, and his next court appearance is scheduled for August. He is also forbidden to see his stepdaughter until that time.