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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lena Pettersson 10 hour

Lena Pettersson 10 hour - Lena Pettersson 10 hour refund - Kenya Airways was extremely apologetic to Radio Sweden journalist Lena Pettersson after she spent a ten hour flight to Tanzania next to a dead man. After boarding a flight at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, she noticed the directly across the aisle form her “sweating and having seizures.” The cabin crew attempted to revive the man, but he died mere hours into the flight.

Pettersson and her friend were left with nowhere else to sit. Overwhelmed, the crew decided covering the man with a blanket and spreading him out across three seats was the best option.

Pettersson filed a complaint with the airline, and after months of emails, was finally reimbursed with $713-about half the price of her ticket-and an apology. Though she said she was satisfied, that’s not an experience you can just forget.