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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Adele Dumped

Adele Dumped - Adele's bisexual boyfriend dumped her for her own gay pal, according to claims made in her new unauthorised biography.The painful split was allegedly what inspired her very first album 19 - and paved the way for the record-shattering career that was to follow.

Apparently just four hours after pouring her heart out to the mystery lover, he cruelly revealed that he was leaving her for one of her own friends. adele gay boyfriend best friend,

Writer Marc Shipiro claims in the book: "One thing we know… Is that it was a first love gone terribly bad. adele gay boyfriend best friend,

"Adele had professed her love and he did the same, she had known he was bisexual but, in the rush of romance, felt they could make it work... Four hours after laying their emotional cards on the table, the boy ran off with one of Adele's gay friends!" Adele: Hometown Glory, adele drinking problem,

The lady herself even once admitted on her website: "My debut album is about being between 18 and 19; about love.

"'Daydreamer' is about this boy I was in love with, like proper in love with, he was bi and I couldn’t deal with that. All the things I wanted from my boyfriend, he was never going to be, I get really jealous anyway, so I couldn’t fight with girls and boys."

The pair are said to have tried to give the relationship another go, but he cheated on her for four months.

Adele is now in a happy relationship with Simon Konecki.

Source: entertainmentwise