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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ann Curry $10 Million

Ann Curry $10 Million - Ann Curry will supposedly make a fortune, Ann Curry $10 Million,  when she leaves the Today Show. According to TMZ she is being fired due to poor ratings and the fact she doesn’t get along with co-host Matt Lauer — and that she’ll get a $10 million payout from NBC.

She signed a three-year deal with NBC when she started in June 2011 – valued at around $20 million – and the rumored payout deal will pay her $10 million for her to leave the show. Adding fuel to the fire, Ann Curry‘s children were noticeably absent from Justin Bieber‘s June 15 Today show performance, although Matt Lauer and Al Roker‘s kids were front and center, rocking out to the Biebs.

How is she managing to work every day with all these rumors about her getting fired flying around? I give her a lot of credit for remaining professional while under pressure.

Source: cbslocal