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Monday, 25 June 2012

Famous Look-alikes

+Famous Lookalikes – Is that who you think it is? Be prepared to do a double take. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are not the only duo in the public eye who shares a similar appearance. Check out these images and see if you can guess the famous look-alike.


Amy Adams
Who’s pictured: Actress Amy Adams who is set to play the leading lady in an upcoming superhero film. superman man of steel,
Hint about the famous look-alike: This actress stood out in the film “Wedding Crashers,” but she’s also married to a man who always seems to make a scene. amy adams isla fisher,
Ilham Anas
Who’s pictured: Ilham Anas is a photographer from Indonesia.
Hint about the famous look-alike: In 2008, this former senator became the 44th president of the United States and the first African-American to hold the office. ilham anas barack obama
Kristen Bell
Who’s pictured: Actress Kristen Bell who is engaged to a prankster-turned-actor.
Hint about the famous look-alike: This singer from Canada was once married to another rocker and recently dated a step-sibling of the Kardashians. kristen bell avril lavigne,
Kathryn Bigelow
Who’s pictured: The Academy Award-winning director looks a lot like a famous actress.
Hint about the famous look-alike: This English model and actress is the former girlfriend of actor Hugh Grant and current fiancée of Australian cricket player Shane Warne. The actress is Elizabeth Hurley, kathryn bigelow elizabeth hurley,
Who’s pictured: Former WWF wrestler Chyna.
Hint about the famous look-alike: This reality TV star is often called a “momager” by her daughters but she also manages her husband, who is a former Olympic gold-medalist. chyna kris jenner,
Stephen Colbert
Who’s pictured: Host of a popular TV show Stephen Colbert.
Hint about the famous look-alike: This comedian has been referred to as one of the dirtiest comics in the business, even though he played a squeaky-clean father on a hit family sitcom. stephen colbert bob saget,
Tom Colicchio
Who’s pictured: Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio is known for his New York restaurants and for his run as a judge on a popular chef competition show “Top Chef.” lou gehrig’s consecutive games played record, baseball consecutive games played record + 2,632,
Hint about the famous look-alike: Nicknamed “Iron Man” this former MLB shortstop and third baseman broke Lou Gehrig’s record for consecutive games played . The former MLB star is Cal Ripken, Jr., tom colicchio cal ripken jr,
Zooey Deschanel
Who’s pictured: Movie and TV actress Zooey Deschanel .Her current FOX series is new girl. is also an indie rocker. Her famous actress sister is emily deschanel.
Hint about the famous look-alike: This pop star’s performance of her new track at the 2012 Grammys caused speculation that the song was written about her ex-husband. Katy Perry is the singer, zooey deschanel katy perry,
Who’s pictured: The naïve and forgetful fish from the movie “Finding Nemo” provided lots of comedy, not surprising considering the comedienne who voiced her ellen degeneres.
Hint about the famous look-alike: This anchor and her husband are both correspondents for CNN. Dana Bash is the anchor/reporter, dana bash dory,
Elrond: Lord of Rivendell
Who’s pictured: Yes, another “Lord of the Rings” character, this time in Lord Elrond, a leader of the elves (liv tyler actress portrayed his daughter).
Hint about the famous look-alike: “Stop wearing mom jeans” (Shepherd Smith: Romney + Stop wearing mom jeans said it), was the advice given to Mitt Romney by this FOX News chief political correspondent turned fashion police. Shepard Smith is the anchor, shepard smith elrond
Robert Englund
Who’s pictured: Robert Englund is an actor best known for playing the iconic “Nightmare on Elm Street” killer Freddy Krueger .
Hint about the famous look-alike: This “Whose Line Is It Anyway” alum was a recurring performer on “Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza.” Ryan Stiles is the actor-comedian, robert englund ryan stiles,
Franken Berry
Who’s pictured: Franken Berry is the famous “monster” character of the breakfast cereal of the same name.
Hint about the famous look-alike: Now living in the Dallas area with her NBAer husband, the reality TV star is from a famous family. Khloe Kardashian is the reality TV star, khloe kardashian frankenberry,
Who’s pictured: We can’t stop with the “Lord of the Rings” references. Here’s one of the villains, Gollum ,his other name is smeagol.
Hint about the famous look-alike: This “Ragin’ Cajun” Democratic strategist and his Republican strategist wife, she is mary matalin prove that a house divided can indeed stand. James Carville is the political consultant, gollum james carville,
Jeff Van Gundy
Who’s pictured: Former NBA head coach Jeff Van Gundy Jeff Van Gundy New York Knicks Houston Rockets teams, who now is a game commentator
Hint about the famous look-alike: This actor received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Stan Yankelman in Billy Crystal’s 1992 directorial debut. David Paymer is the actor, jeff van gundy david paymer, Jeff Van Gundy New York Knicks Houston Rockets,
Jon Hamm
Who’s pictured: “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm who revealed his more comedic side in a popular movie.
Hint about the famous look-alike: This actor is best known for his role as a villain in the “Harry Potter” films.  He also starred in a new NBC drama that was recently canceled.  jon hamm jason isaacs,
David Hasselhoff
Who’s pictured: David Hasselfhoff, was the star of “Knight Rider” and one of several hotties in “Baywatch.”
Hint about the famous look-alike: Despite never winning the Super Bowl, this former quarterback his former team miami dolphins is considered one of the greatest in NFL history. dan marino is the former NFL QB, david hasselhoff dan marino,
Janice the Muppet
Who’s pictured: Janice the Muppet is not as popular as some of her Muppet counterparts, but she does bear resemblance to a celebrity.
Hint about the famous look-alike: This Italian fashion designer has brought new life to her family’s label since the death of her famous designer brother. janice the muppet donatella versace,
Joe Camel
Who’s pictured: Joe Camel has been the face of Camel brand cigarettes for decades.
Hint about the famous look-alike: This rapper and entertainment mogul’s super star wife welcomed their first child. Jay-Z is the mogul, jay z joe camel,
Keira Knightley
Who’s pictured: Keira Knightley has starred in several films, including some “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, “Atonement” and many others.
Hint about the famous look-alike: Secret marriage rumors were sparked when this actress and her ballet dancer fiancé sported wedding rings at the 2012 Academy Awards Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied married. Natalie Portman is the actress, portman millepied married,  keira knightley natalie portman,
Stieg Larsson
Who’s pictured: Stieg Larsson is the author of acclaimed thrillers such as “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”
Hint about the famous look-alike: This late film director, producer and screenwriter gave Ferris Bueller the day off and left 8-year-old Kevin McCallister “Home Alone.” John Hughes is the director, stieg larsson john hughes,
Lego Star Wars
What’s pictured: A Lego Star Wars toy
Hint about the famous look-alike: This 2012 Republican presidential candidate still holds out hope for the presidential nomination, despite coming in third or fourth in the last eight nominating contests. Newt GingrichWho is the presidential candidate, lego star wars newt gingrich, newt gingrich ends campaign,
Jim Nabors
Who’s pictured: Jim Nabors is the actor best known for his iconic role as fictional TV character Gomer Pyle, but he’s also a musician , his work is jim nabors
Hint about the famous look-alike: This former Arkansas governor recently referred to the 2012 Republican Primary as a “toxic atmosphere.” Mike Huckabee is the former governor, jim nabors mike huckabee,
New England Patriots logo
What’s pictured: Logo for the NFL team, the New England Patriots
Hint about the famous look-alike: This Democratic U.S. senator shocked onlookers when he sported two black eyes and a broken nose at a recent White House event . new england patriots logo john kerry,
‘The Observer’ on ‘Fringe’
Who’s pictured: Michael Cerveris, who plays the character known as “The Observer” on the “Fringe” TV series.Hint about the famous look-alike: This billionaire CEO and online shopping pioneer’s company is named for an ostensibly endless South American river. Jeff Bezos is the CEO, jeff bezos net worth 18 billion,
Gen. Vladimir Osipov: “Mafia Wars”
Who’s pictured: A character from the popular “Mafia Wars” game
Hint about the famous look-alike: This actor, best known for his portrayal of TV dad Dan Connor, is rumored to be reuniting with his former TV wife,sheroseanne barr in this new NBC comedy.  John Goodman is the actor, John Goodman Saturday Night Live,
Who’s pictured: The famous Disney character Pinocchio, the wooden boy who dreamed of becoming a real boy.Hint about the famous look-alike: This New Directions member wrote and will star in this coming-of-age
comedy about an outcast teen with journalistic aspirations. pinnochio chris colfer,
Portrait of a Seated Youth
Who’s pictured: The painting to the left was created by German artist Georg Pencz in the 1500s.
Hint about the famous look-alike: This young billionaire is co-creator and CEO of a top-ranked website. The ceo is Mark Zuckerberg, portrait of seated youth mark zuckerburg,
Justice Antonin Scalia
Who’s pictured: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (appointed by Justice Antonin Scalia appointed by Ronald Reagan president).
Hint about the famous look-alike: This celebrity chef is known for his signature catch phrases and restaurants. emeril lagasse is the celebrity chef,
Ian Somerhalder
Who’s pictured: Ian Somerhalder may be best known for his starring role in “The Vampire Diaries,” but his longtime role in a popular sci-fi series launched him into the spotlight.
Hint about the famous look-alike: Look for this “Gossip Girl” heartthrob actor to star opposite an “American Idol” judge this summer in this Kirk Jones-directed film. Chace Crawford is the actor, ian somerhalder chace crawford,
“Finding Nemo” Seagull
What’s pictured: Seagulls from “Finding Nemo”
Hint about the famous look-alike: This CNN anchor and daytime talk-show host recently was voted as one of America’s favorite news personalities (Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Nancy Grace America’s least favorite news personalities were the worst). Anderson Cooper is the journalist/talk-show host, finding nemo seagull anderson cooper,
Jordin Sparks
Who’s pictured: Singer Jordin Sparks, who first came to fame as the Season 6 winner of “American Idol”
Hint about the famous look-alike: This “Ugly Betty” actress is the voice of Astrid in this DreamWorks franchise. America Ferrera is the actress, jordin sparks america ferrera,
Yubaba: “Spirited Away”
Who’s pictured: The character Yubaba from the anime series “Spirited Away”
Hint about the famous look-alike: This former U.S. journalist was the first female member of the National Press Club and first female United Press International White House bureau chief. Helen Thomas is the journalist, yubaba spirited away helen thomas,
Mike Tomlin
Who’s pictured: NFL Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin
Hint about the famous look-alike: This “House” actor’s unscripted project “Mile High” (his production partners david arquette and courtney cox) recently received the green light by the Travel Channel. Omar Epps is the actor, mike tomlin omar epps,
Ollie Williams: “Family Guy”
Who’s pictured: The weatherman on the animated series “Family Guy”
Hint about the famous look-alike: This slimmed-down weatherman is known for the catch phrase “Here’s what’s happening in your neck of the woods.” Al Roker is the weatherman, ollie williams al roker,