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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Adele Gay Boyfriend Best Friend

Adele Gay Boyfriend Best Friend - A new unauthorized biography about Grammy-award winning musician Adele fills in some details for what was already common knowledge among fans: Adele’s great heartbreak, the inspiration for many of he songs on her successful 2008 debut album “19,” was being left by her bisexual boyfriend for a gay lover.

Author Marc Shapiro focuses especially on this incident. “One thing we know is that it was a first log gone terribly bad,” he said. “Adele had professed her love and he did the same, she had known he was bisexual but, in the rush of romance, felt they could make it work. Four hours after laying their emotional cards on the table, the boy ran off with one of Adele’s gay friends!”

Maybe not terribly wrong: it could have been a lot worse. And it isn’t exactly news. Adele had written the songs “Hometown Glory, and “Daydreamer” about a bisexual boy she was smitten with, though naturally enough she keep the private details of her private life … private. What she said was this:

“‘Daydreamer’ is about this boy I was in love with, like proper in love with, he was bi and I couldn’t deal with that. All the things I wanted from my boyfriend, he was never going to be, I get really jealous anyway, so I couldn’t fight with girls and boys.”

The bio speaks of him cheating on her for four months. Apparently things are much better with current boyfriend Simon Konecki.