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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Rihanna Chris Brown

Rihanna Chris Brown - Rihanna Defends Following Chris Brown on Twitter

You just can't put anything past fans on Twitter.

On Saturday, fans of Rihanna were shocked to find that not only was her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown following her on Twitter, but she was following him back. And they were not happy to see their favorite singer showing any signs of reconciliation with her abusive ex, even if was only on a social media site…

One fan actually called Rihanna out on the follow, tweeting at her: " I never thought you would go back to him! You better not, it's your life but you do have (people) that look up to you. e.g. young girls."

The 23 year-old "S&M" singer didn't take too kindly to the idea that Twitter follows meant getting back together with Brown, so she responded to the fan: "its fu--in twitter, not the altar! calm down."

The fan (a 14-year-old girl) then quickly apologized to Rihanna for upsetting her and was rewarded with an apologetic tweet from her idol: "babygirl I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt or offend u!

Do you think it's a bad idea for her and Chris Brown to follow each other on Twitter? Or do you agree with Rihanna and think it's harmless?

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