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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

David Beckham Super Bowl Underwear

David Beckham Super Bowl Underwear - Coming up this weekend, david beckham underwear super bowl, the world will get a look at David Beckham in his new H&M Bodywear line. And it’s going to be hot.

The LA Galaxy stud is featured in the full-length commercial, set to premiere during the Super Bowl on Sunday. david beckham underwear super bowl,  Super Bowl 2012: Top Ad Sells for $4 Million,

And it sounds like Becks is super pumped about his new venture with H&M, as it will give him a chance to express himself in a new venue. david and victoria beckham,  super bowl 2012,

He told press, "I'm excited about my bodywear ad featuring in this year's Super Bowl. My design team and I spent 18 months developing the collection, Super Bowl 2012: Top Ad Sells for $4 Million,  it's been a fantastic collaborative experience, and I'm very happy with the end result. Like every fan, I'm looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday.''