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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Star Moms With Weird Habits

Star Moms With Weird Habits - Stars are no strangers to quirky habits, but for some reason when they become mothers things get even weirder. Take a look at a few of the celebrity mamas out there with some highly unusual parenting habits.

Alicia Silverstone She's recently come under fire for a video that shows her feeding her almost 1-year-old son in a weird and pretty gross way. Despite the backlash, Alicia swears she won't change her self-proclaimed kind and helpful parenting style. alicia silverstone feeds baby, alicia silverstone son name, alicia silverstone the kind diet,

January Jones She may play a crazy mom on "Mad Men," but it's her real-life motherhood eccentricities that have raised lots of eyebrows of late. January claims that she lost her baby weight fairly quickly after giving birth by using an alternative method that is not widely recognized as a healthy option. january jones placenta, january jones baby daddy, january jones son name,
Beyonce As two of the biggest music moguls around, Beyonce and Jay-Z aren't the people you'd expect to do anything haphazardly regarding their new daughter. First they gave their baby girl an unusual name -- but then they went to great lengths to make sure she didn't have any copycats. beyonce trademark blue ivy, blue ivy meaning, beyonce and jay z,
Mayim Bialik She's famous for playing the lead role on "Blossom," but lately Mayim has been making news for her controversial holistic parenting tricks for her toddler-aged son. mayim bialik breastfeeding, mayim bialik attachment parenting, mayim bialik big bang theory,
Kourtney Kardashian As the only mom of the Kardashian sisters, this reality TV star has gained attention for her unusual parenting tricks. Aside from healthy eating and snappy dressing, some of her parenting choices have put her partner, Scott Disick, on the back burner. kourtney kardashian mason sleep, kourtney kardashian daughter, kourtney kardashian parenting, Kourtney Kardashian - parents: Kris Jenner, Robert Kardashian,
Katie Holmes As the first biological child for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri probably gets away with a lot. But one of her more unusual interests has left many people wondering why Katie allows her to dress a certain way at such a young age. katie holmes suri cruise heels, suri cruise fashion,
Angelina Jolie Angelina has never followed convention, including when it comes to raising her big brood of children. One of her oddest choices for nurturing her clan with Brad Pitt falls in the education department. angelina jolie kids education, angelina jolie spends money on children, angelina jolie parenting tips,
Bethenny Frankel She has made a name for herself as an entrepreneur focusing on living healthy and being physically fit. But she even imposes her overly health-conscious habits on her toddler daughter, Bryn. bethenny frankel vegetarian daughter, bethenny frankel diet and exercise,
Hilary Duff She may have become a mother only recently, but Hilary has wasted no time in welcoming some freaky motherhood habits. She's already admitted to saving weird things of Luca's. hilary duff belly button stump, hilary duff baby,
Madonna Perhaps because she's such a health nut and obsessed with being fit, Madonna has seemingly not aged at all over the years. As a parent to four children, she impresses upon them the importance of being healthy and making smart food choices. madonna macrobiotic diet children, madonna parenting tips, madonna's fitness routine,
Leah Remini When it comes to playing the role of mom to her daughter, Sofia, Leah is far from the no-nonsense characters she's played in the past. Being a pushover to Sofia's whims led to some pretty controversial rules in her household. leah remini daughter bottle, leah remini parenting, Leah Remini - parents: George Remini, Vicki Marshall,