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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Crystal Harris Older Man

Crystal Harris Older Man, Hugh Hefner's ex gives dating advice: hefner harris 60 year age difference, Crystal Harris, the 26-year-old ex-fiancée of Hugh Hefner age difference hefner harris 60 year age difference, hugh hefner harris lied sex life, is apparently giving tips on how to date older men she rumored to be dating now crystal harris dating dr phil son.

Harris, who was supposed to wed Hefner last summer crystal harris calls off wedding, said in an interview that it's important to be a good listener, keep things fun and don't try to change them hugh hefner harris lied sex life. crystal harris older man, hugh hefner harris lied sex life,

Anna Nicole Smith married oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall, someone joked, "There hasn't been this much gold-digging since 1849." What's ironic is that J. Howard Marshall could almost have been born in 1849, as could Playboy founder Hugh Hefner-the latest trout to get engaged to a woman young enough to be his great granddaughter. hefner harris 60 year age difference,

The 84-year-old Hefner's engagement to one of his Playboys of the Month seems absurd in our culture of love-based marriage since it is hard for most people to picture the 24-year-old Harris has romantic feelings toward the much older man. Hefner and Harris's engagement is a throwback to more primitive societies in which men seek attractive, fertile women and women seek meal tickets with a pulse. crystal harris dating dr phil son,

Hef is the December in the May-December romance.

Although Crystal Harris was the December Playboy of the Month in 2009, fiance Hefner is the December member of the couple. The month of December is a metaphor for the winter of one's life, as opposed to springlike May, when plants are just starting to bloom.

If Hefner lived in a nursing home instead of the Mansion, it is doubtful Harris would have said "yes" to the older man's proposal. But Hefner does not live in a nursing home. Like Anna Nicole Smith, Harris can read the actuarial charts and, given Hef's penchant for life-shortening pipe smoking, she may figure her marriage to Hefner will be a good investment in her future. crystal harris calls off wedding,

While it is nobody's business that Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris are engaged, both Hefner and Harris are public figures who actively seek the limelight. The pair will become the fodder of late night comedians' jokes and the hot topic du jour on "The View."

Although people in primitive cultures approve of much-older men marrying much-younger women, in modern Western societies the phenomenon dredges up negative stereotypes, such as cradle snatcher and gold digger. Young girls grow up thinking Barbie is supposed to marry Ken, not his rich grandpa.