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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Phillip Phillips Health Problems

Phillip Phillips Health Problems - "American Idol" finalist Phillip Phillips is ignoring doctor's orders to have surgery to correct kidney problems immediately.

TMZ reports that the family doctor was alarmed by Phillips' weight loss, lack of appetite and his overall appearance during Phillips' visit back home in Georgia last Saturday.

Phillips has severe kidney problems that required a stent at the beginning of the competition as a temporary solution until he could have surgery. The condition has worsened, sources tell TMZ, and his doctor advised surgery immediately. Phillips refused because the recovery time is at least six weeks, and he is slated to perform against finalist Jessica Sanchez in Wednesday's live finale.

Phillips' medical complications have affected his role on "American Idol." Medications that cause dry mouth have altered his singing. He also has missed some location shoots, such as one for the Ford commercials, because producers were concerned about how these might impact his health.

Source: mercurynews