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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Stalker Sarah 5,000 Celebrities

Stalker Sarah 5,000 Celebrities - Stalker Sarah celebrities photos, stalker sarah flickr, A 16-year old girl from Los Angeles has been given the title of “Stalker Sarah.”This high school student has accumulated over 5,000 photos of herself with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Sarah regularly posts pictures on her Twitter account with the celebrities she encounters. britney spears, katy perry, justin bieber, angelina jolie, stalker sarah 5,000 celebrities,

Sarah said that without her father’s help, none of these pictures would be possible.

Sarah’s father has promised her that as long as she receives straight A’s in school, he will drive her to any of the celebrity events she would like to go to.

Her chopped bangs and glasses have made her a recognized face at red carpet events. Some stars have even begun to know her by her first name.

Sarah began hunting for pictures with celebrities when she was just 12-years old.

Who is her favorite celebrity she has taken a picture with? Sarah stated that singer Katy Perry was the “sweetest” person that she had a photo opportunity with.

Source: ecanadanow