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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Stupid Criminals

Stupid criminals 
Stupid Criminals – From beat-down muggers to wannabe superheroes to inept shoplifters, we’ve seen a never-ending supply of dimwitted crooks.These are the most Stupid criminals. While we wait to see what high jinks the rest of 2012 will bring, let’s take a look back at some of the dumbest offenders of the past couple of years.

Wilmer, Texas

When: May 5, 2012

The story: An 18-year-old man was charged with robbery and theft after walking into a North Dallas building, demanding money and saying he had a gun. Man tries to rob police station, zachary ramirez arrested + booty call,

Naperville, Ill.

When: April 27, 2012

The story: A 21-year-old suburban Chicago man was arrested for speeding on a 45-mph road.  zachary ramirez arrested + booty call,

Green Township, Ohio

When: April 23, 2012

The story: A Bethel, Ohio, man was charged twice for the same crime in two years after calling police. William Ferris calls cops about prostitute’s service in White Castle bathroom,

Ambridge, Pa.

When: April 22, 2012

The story: A burglar was caught on video after he got trapped inside the store he was trying to rob.  Nicholas Pellon has running tab with owner

The Alamo

When: April 14, 2012

The story: A 21-year-old man followed in the footsteps of a controversial rocker when he was arrested at a historical Texas monument. Daniel Athens urinated on Alamo,

Jenkins, Ky.

When: April 13, 2012

The story: A viral Facebook photo landed a 20-year-old Kentucky man in the back of a cop car. Michael Baker stole gas from police,

Nashville, Tenn.

When: April 9, 2012

The story: A man stepped off a Greyhound bus and went on to commit 11 felonies in nine hours, including setting a store on fire and stealing a taxicab. william todd arrested on roof of opryland hotel cooling tower,


When: April 3, 2012

The story: When police found a 19-year-old man strolling around in the nude, they got an interesting excuse. opposite day arrest,

West Des Moines, Iowa

When: March 31, 2012

The story: An IT employee was arrested after security cameras caught him doing “inappropriate things” to his co-workers’ chairs. Raymond Foley urinated on chairs,

Sacramento, Calif.

When: March 28, 2012

The story: A 55-year-old man was arrested for public intoxication after jumping on the hood of a police car. man wearing sombrero and boxing glove  jumps on cop car,

Solon, Iowa

When: March 19, 2012

The story: A man from Iowa City told police he had a good reason for being caught naked in public at 3:30 a.m. Bliss said men forced him to handle nuclear bomb,


When: March 2, 2012

The story: A 26-year-old man from Carrick added insult to injury after police say he robbed a woman of $60. alleged robber calls victim for date,

Milton, Fla.

When: Feb. 24, 2012

The story: Police believe a man was high on a synthetic drug when he caused damage to one of their squad cars. florida man bites police car,


When: Feb. 21, 2012

The story: A 63-year-old man from Maple Grove, Minn, allegedly injured himself when fleeing from police. stephen roy dombeck + cuts to his feet + running in heels in snow,

Exton, Pa.

When: Feb. 15, 2012

The story: Police arrested a man for stealing socks from a southeastern Pennsylvania Wal-Mart store. n**ed man steals socks from walmart,

Portland, Ore.

When: Feb. 14, 2012

The story: When police responded to 911 calls of a possible Valentine’s Day kidnapping, they got a different story from the “victim.” Nikolas Harbar and Stephanie Pelzner + found naked and bound in Valentine’s sex game role-playing,

Willowbrook, Ill.

When: Feb. 11, 2012

The story: A 38-year-old suburban Chicago man allegedly called 911 with a surprising request and – not surprisingly – ended up in the DuPage County jail. John Pacella wanted to fight police,

Ellisville, Miss.

When: Feb. 7, 2012

The story: A college student found himself behind bars after leaving a note on a piece of toilet paper in a school restroom. Harold Wayne Hadley fart joke,

South Bend, Ind.

When: Feb. 6, 2012

The story: A woman said she returned home to find an intruder in her apartment. burglar cleans and cooks dinner,

Albuquerque, N.M.

When: February 2012

The story: A New Mexico man claimed he was trying to expose problems with the voting registration system when he possibly committed voter fraud. albuquerque man registers dog to vote,

Neon, Ky.

When: Jan. 31, 2012

The story: Employees of this grocery store had a not-so-sweet surprise awaiting them when they came into work one morning. Andrew Toothman covered in chocolate and peanut butter,

Decatur, Ga.

When: Dec. 4, 2011

The story: A 66-year-old man told police he was partaking in an annual holiday ritual when they nabbed him for firing a shotgun near a shopping mall. man arrested for shooting mistletoe,

Waldorf, Md.

When: Dec. 2, 2011

The story: A 22-year-old man was nabbed trying to steal video games from a Wal-Mart in Maryland. Timothy Randall Clark arrested during shop with a cop,


When: Dec. 2, 2011

The story: A wannabe mugger ended up beaten and shot after an attempted carjacking. robber beat up by fighter,

Gwinnett County, Ga.

When: November 2011

The story: A burglary suspect left a trail of evidence, but it was another action that sealed the deal. trevor jones left facebook account open,

Fox Township, Illinois

When: Nov. 19, 2011

The story: An 18-year-old woman told police she had a very good reason for driving drunk and crashing her car. teen blames dui on missing twilight,

Miami, Florida

When: Nov. 18, 2011

The story: A transgendered woman was arrested after a “patient” ended up in the hospital. fake doctor injected cement into buttocks,

Portland, Oregon

When: Oct. 30, 2011

The story: A burglary suspect told his side of the story after he was caught watching TV on someone else’s couch. jason bastrom + punched out,

Jackson, Mississippi

When: Oct. 18, 2011

The story: A 61-year-old woman was nabbed after cops say she called and texted them to set up a drug deal. judy weible + hydrocodone tablets

Portland, Oregon

When: Oct. 18, 2011

The story: Police raided a home after a neighbor sent them a flier that had been posted.

Riverside, Illinois

When: Oct. 17, 2011

The story: Police showed up to a 38-year-old man’s house after he posted a fictitious story on Facebook.

Louisville, Kentucky

When: Oct. 12, 2011

The story: Police said a young couple fled a Wal-Mart but left something very important behind. Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Bainbridge, Ohio

When: Oct. 11, 2011

The story: A 28-year-old woman is accused of leading police on a high-speed chase wearing not much more than a G-string.

Gainesville, Florida

When: Oct. 10, 2011

The story: A woman is accused of stealing a cash register that turned out to be worth more than its contents.

Cumming, Georgia
When: Oct. 10, 2011

The story: A man – apparently forgetting about surveillance cameras – robbed a bank using a common household item to hide his face.

Brownstown Township, Michigan

When: Oct. 8, 2011

The story: An allegedly drunk man was arrested after police found his daughter behind the wheel of his van

Nebo, North Carolina

When: Oct. 6, 2011

The story: A 35-year-old woman was charged with selling drugs after police said she set up a drug deal via text with the wrong person.

Monroe, Louisiana

When: Oct. 5, 2011

The story: A 23-year-old man told police he paraded a skimpy piece of women’s clothing to win a bet.

College Station, Texas

When: Oct. 3, 2011

The story: A student was accused of giving a friend phony bills to use in their high school cafeteria.

Palm Bay, Florida

When: Sept. 25, 2011

The story: A 19-year-old woman who unsuccessfully held up a convenience store with a toy gun was foiled by a clerk’s quick thinking.

Covina, California

When: Sept. 21, 2011

The story: Three teens acted more like the Three Stooges when they tried to snatch a case of beer from a store.

Clover, South Carolina

When: Sept. 20, 2011

The story: A trail of beer cans and a K-9 unit led police to a blood-soaked man who said he’d been assaulted.

Salina, Kansas

When: Sept. 20, 2011

The story: Police say a 21-year-old man broke into a store and rode off on his bike, but didn’t quite get what he was after.

Boulder, Colorado

When: Sept. 16, 2011

The story: A dog sitter was charged after shocked fellow drivers said they saw her leading a small dog down the street while driving her car.

Newton County, Georgia

When: September 2011

The story: A man returned from a trip to find intruders had made themselves at home while he was gone.

Wichita, Kansas

When: Aug. 31, 2011

The story: A man reportedly called police because he was upset about the escorts who showed up to his motel room.

Bristol, Tennessee

When: Aug. 27, 2011

The story: Racing fans got an eyeful when a nude 27-year-old man ran through a crowded parking lot wearing nothing but a smile.


When: Aug. 24, 2011

The story: A 24-year-old man – who has since been linked to other crimes – was arrested on several charges after police say he tried to bribe them

Denver, Colorado

When: Sept. 24, 2011

The story: Two men dressed as clowns who robbed a jewelry store probably weren’t laughing when they got home.

Iowa City, Iowa

When: Aug. 22, 2011

The story: A woman was charged with intoxication and assault after she was refused a bikini wax at a salon.

Daytona Beach, Florida

When: Aug. 17, 2011

The story: A 23-year-old babysitter was charged after police caught her putting an 8-month-old baby in a dangerous situation

South Brunswick, New Jersey

When: Aug. 14, 2011

The story: Three men allegedly were burglarizing a restaurant when police caught them in the act.

Farmington, Connecticut

When: June 4, 2011

The story: A 22-year-old Connecticut man found in the woods near his abandoned car told police that he’d been assaulted.

Petoskey, Michigan

When: May 11, 2011

The story: A wannabe Batman was arrested when police caught him trying to scale a building late at night.

Lorain, Ohio

When: March 30, 2011

The story: A man was caught on tape taking an item right from a judge’s bench.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

When: March 20, 2011

The story: Police said a bank robbery suspect made it easy for them to find him after he made off with the cash.

Boise, Idaho

When: March 12, 2011

The story: A 21-year-old man was charged with a felony after police said he tried to pull over another car.

Gainesville, Florida

When: March 10, 2011

The story: A man accused of trying to pay with a fake $20 bil reportedly told police he created it on a printer he bought at Wal-Mart.

Indiantown, Florida

When: March 3, 2011

The story: Police said a Florida man shoplifted $1.19 worth of cookies and tried to eat them before they could arrest him. What did he call himself?