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Friday, 11 May 2012

Surprising Entrepreneurs

Surprising Entrepreneurs - Think celebrities are one-dimensional? Think again These multitalented folks, as well as sports stars, teens and reality TV stars, are raking it in with various business ventures. Scroll through to see these surprising entrepreneurs.

Hank Aaron

About his business: The baseball great and his wife opened several fast-food franchises in 1995. The company has since grown. 755 restaurant corporation georgia franchise has 32 restaurants, 755 restaurant corporation + Popeyes, Burger King, Krispy Kreme, 755 restaurant corporation + Popeyes, Burger King, Krispy Kreme,
Why did he start the company? Here's a quote from Aaron:
… little did I know that one day I would come back [to Atlanta] to be awarded this franchise. It's something that I've dreamed about.
Brad Benson

About his business: The former offensive lineman started his own auto business in New Jersey in 1990. brad benson auto group,
Why does he run such controversial ads?
I don't live for a practical joke, but I don't think I could live without one. We are an equal opportunity offender.
Drew Brees

About his business: The New Orleans Saints quarterback opened a sandwich shop  in 2011 in Metairie, La.
Why? Here's a quote from Brees:
It all starts with just really loving the product. I was exposed to during my freshman year at Purdue. I ate there all the time and had it delivered to my dorm room all the time.
Sandra Bullock

About her business: Sandra Bullock, The actress and mom   owns several businesses in Austin, Texas, including an eco-friendly restaurant that serves up some comfort food favorites.
Why go 'green'? Here's a quote from Bullock:
It's just a few cents. I think we're absolutely worth it — those few extra pennies [help] to make sure that we have a beautiful earth.
Rosevelt Colvin

About his business: Rosevelt Colvin, The Ex-NFL star  opened a popular shipping franchise in 2004. new england patriots,
Why? Here's a quote from Colvin:
As an athlete, you're always competitive. You look for another challenge to tackle, to be a part of.
Dave Dahl

About his business: dave dahl dave's killer bread, This ex-con  learned his lesson. Once free, he started a successful bread business. dave dahl in prison for 15 years on drug charges, dave's killer bread,
Why? Here's a quote from Dahl:
You can change your own life, and when you do, it changes the world.
John Elway

About his business: john elway, The Denver Broncos quarterback  owns three upscale steak restaurants in Colorado. john elway won two super bowls,
Why? Here's a quote from Elway:
I've never relied on name. I've always relied on the product we're selling and our people that are doing it, our managers, our operators, and they're the ones that carry the torches as far as philosophy.
Jarvis Green

About his business: jarvis green, The New England Patriots defensive end retired from football in 2010. After selling his liquor store and closing a restaurant, he is now vice president of marketing for a construction company he co-owns. Green’s Purple and Gold jarvis green, the capital restaurant jarvis green, first millennium construction,
Why? Here's a quote from Green:
I didn't want to be known just as a football player because I'm so much more than that.
Robert De Niro

About his business: robert de niro , The legendary actor  has made an impact on and off the big screen. He has numerous businesses, including some popular upscale sushi restaurants. robert de niro filmography, 24 nobu restaurants,
Why? Here's a quote from De Niro:
I thought the place was great. I told, "If you ever want to open a restaurant in New York, let me know." A year or two later, he called me, said, "I'm interested."
Javier Fernández-Han

About his business: Javier Fernández-Han, When he was just 15, Fernández-Han created a system that uses algae to treat waste products and produce methane for fuel. He won a large award from the Invent Your World Challenge for his invention. javier hernandez-han wins $20,000 invent your world, invent your world challenge , versatile javier fernandez han,
Why? Here's a quote from Fernández-Han:
Once I realized I enjoyed inventing, I began to see how I could provide solutions to common problems. Inventing things became a way to help people.
Bethenny Frankel

About her business: Bethenny Frankel, The former baby-sitter of a pair of famous heiresses has come a long way. The reality starlet made her debut on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list  in 2011 for her array of businesses, including her unique brand of products. bethenny frankel 42 on forbes celebrity 100 list, skinnygirl brand,
Why? Here's a quote from Frankel:
For me, my business evolved from my own personal beliefs about eating well, promoting natural health, being fit and solving problems.
Sammy Hagar

About his business: sammy hagar wife, A former singer with Montrose and Van Halen, Hagar  made millions by turning his homemade alcohol into a successful brand. cabo wabo enterprises,
Why? Here's a quote from Hagar:
My mother always told me being a musician was never going to support me, so I needed something to fall back on. So even though I completely believed I was going to make it to superstardom, I guess it kind of stuck with me.
Cal Ripken Jr.

About his business: Cal Ripken Jr, The baseball Hall of Famer  is president and CEO of a youth development baseball program, which he started in 2001. He also recently launched this new snack. ripken power shred beef jerky,
Why? Here's a quote from Ripken:
I happen to think that sport -- baseball, in particular -- is very magical. It can go across cultural lines. It can appeal to all kids and all people.
Bo Jackson

About his business: bo jackson, The Heisman Trophy winner opened a domed facility to allow people to play sports year-round. Bo Jackson Elite Sports,
Why build it in Illinois? Here's a quote from Jackson:
Because we have such bad winters here, in the Midwest, we decided to bring the summers indoors.
Cameron Johnson

About his business: cameron johnson, One of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the world, Johnson, now 24 years old, has had an array of successful businesses, starting with his own greeting card company at age 9. cameron johnson businesses,
What's his advice? Here's a quote from Johnson:
Put yourself out there. Don't be afraid of rejection. Don't be afraid to ask anything.
Magic Johnson

About his business: magic johnson, The L.A. Lakers star  has a hugely successful business that develops entertainment and dining centers in low-income areas. He also recently became part owner of this baseball franchise. magic johnson enterprises,
Why? Here's a quote from Johnson:
When I left the NBA, I wanted to be a businessman. So I got me some mentors … I grabbed something from everybody.
Kardashian family

About their business: kardashian family, From reality TV to modeling to clothing stores, this family has built a strong brand. Their latest venture is a home "kollection" for this department store. keeping up with the kardashians, kardashian kollection home,
What's it like? Here's a quote from Kim:
Kourtney, Khloe and I obviously have such different personalities, so you can see a piece that is so Kim-designed, or Khloe-designed. We kind of have a rule. Two of us have to agree on a piece, or it can't go in the collection.
Lourdes Leon

About her business: lourdes leon, material girl beauty, Madonna's daughter has a successful clothing line  with her pop star mom, and the duo recently launched a beauty line to go alongside it.
What's it like? Here's a quote from Leon:
There were like 100 million samples and some made me want to vomit, but the ones my mom and I thought were the best, I think are nice and women would wear.
Jennifer Lopez

About her business: jennifer lopez, The singer and "American Idol" judge has a variety of business ventures, including a clothing line with ex-husband Marc Anthony. jennifer lopez collection,
Why? Here's a quote from Lopez:
I'm really a fan of glamour and old Hollywood and movie stars, so I wanted to bring all of those elements of my style into this first collection for [the store].
Jillian Michaels

About her business: Jillian Michaels, The "Biggest Loser" trainer  has worked hard to build her media company, which produces fitness videos, protein powders, vitamins and related products. jillian michaels will leave biggest loser after 11 seasons,
Why? Here's a quote from Michaels:
people be happy and healthy in every facet of their lives, whether it's career, relationships or physical well-being.
Ashley Qualls

About her business: ashley qualls, In 2004, the 14-year-old from Lincoln Park, Mich., started a website providing MySpace layouts and HTML coding tips, bringing in a lot of money from advertising revenue. ashley qualls $1 million in first three years of website,
Why? Here's a quote from Qualls:
I came from a working-class family and $8 bought me a dot-com.
Gale Sayers

About his business: Gale Sayers, The former running back, creator and owner of a successful information technology company, created a foundation in 2006 that provides after-school programs for kids. gale sayers center,
Why? Here's a quote from Sayers:
Our goal is to provide much-needed after-school programs like mentoring, computer technical training and public speaking classes. We know that the more time students spend in school, the better they do personally and academically.
Gene Simmons

About his business: Gene Simmons, The KISS frontman, who received a prestigious award in 2011, has a number of business ventures  as well as a long-running reality TV show. Gene Simmons forbes lifetime achievement award, KISS branded condums and caskets, Gene Simmons Family Jewels,
Why is he successful? Here's a quote from Simmons:
I trust my gut. I have to have an emotional connection to what I am ultimately selling because it is emotion, whether you are selling religion, politics, even a breath mint. If you study Warren Buffett, he only invests in what he knows — and he knows what he doesn't know. Never throw money at what you don't know.
Jessica Simpson

About her business: jessica simpson , The singer-actress and "Fashion Star" mentor has created an extensive empire  selling branded clothes, shoes, handbags, hair extensions and beauty products. jessica simpson company worth nearly $1 billion, jessica simpson collection,
Why? Here's a quote from Simpson:
I never expected to do what I've done in the fashion world, but I'm very -- I feel very blessed to be here and everything that we have accomplished. And I think that just keeping the mentality -- I mean, we started off with accessories, and so I originally thought I was just going to do shoes and handbags. And, you know, with the success of that, it just gives you more and more opportunities; so the sky's the limit.
Daniel Wilcox

About his business: Daniel Wilcox Baltimore Ravens, The former Baltimore Ravens star launched a remodeling business  in 2009, working on residential and commercial renovation projects. daniel wilcox names company after jersey number, Mr. 83 Degreez Renovations and Designs,
Why? Here's a quote from Wilcox:
After playing football for so long, I didn't want to have a boss anymore. I wanted to be the boss.