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Monday, 21 May 2012

Two Men Attack McDonald’s With Shirts On Their Heads

Two Men Attack McDonald’s With Shirts On Their Heads - Shanaya Edgell mcdonalds---Two men are accused of throwing bricks and concrete through a McDonald’s restaurant after being sold burgers described as ‘messed up.’

Police say Chris Slate, 21, and Sean Mosey, 23, were heavily intoxicated when they threw the objects through the windows of the Murfreesboro, Tennessee restaurant slightly injuring two employees. Christopher Slate McDonalds, Christopher Slate Threw Bricks At McDonalds, Two men attack McDonald's with shirts on their heads, Shanaya Edgell mcdonalds,

Slate told police they were ‘upset with McDonald’s because their cheeseburgers had been messed up,’ and at his advice they ‘went home and continued to drink beer and get worked up about the cheeseburgers.’

Our stupid plan got more stupid in a half second,’ Slate told WTVF after their release on bond. Slate said the two initially didn’t care as much about the mistaken order, but when they returned to the restaurant to have it corrected, he described the manager as becoming angry.

‘We got cussed out and told to get the F out of their line,’ he said. ‘We were ticked. I mean, ticked is an understatement. We hung out and drank more and, everything went down.’

The two men then drove and parked Slate’s car to a nearby restaurant after taking off its license plate, and took their shirts off to wrap around their faces, their police report states. Slate allegedly then threw a brick through the restaurant’s front while Mosey threw a piece of concrete at the side drive-thru window.

The manager’s leg was hit by the concrete and an employee near the drive-thru window reported small cuts from the glass.

Upon the arrival of the police, Mosey was apprehended while crawling off a side road near some bushes, having injured himself from the attack. He was described by police as being unsteady on his feet and slurring his speech.

Slate was found back at his home, telling police he was unable to get Mosey into his car after his fall.