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Monday, 4 June 2012

727 Jet And Dream House In Oregon [Photos & Video]

727 Jet And Dream House In Oregon [Photos & Video] - Bruce Campbell reveals his future home is a 727-200 aircraft tucked away in the woods of Oregon.

He Described proudly the plane as a ‘bird that’s meant to fly’.

Entering and exiting through stairs lowered down from the plane, Campbell explains that he tries to keep his new home clean and tidy as he wipes his feet and clambers through the latch-operated door.

With the passenger chairs ripped out of the main cabin there is plenty of room for Campbell’s possessions – cardboard boxes waiting to be unpacked are stacked throughout the room.

Clearly excited to be showing visitors around, Campbell says the prospect of living in the plane full-time ‘exhilarates' him.

With electricity already functioning, one of the first tasks in transforming the jumbo jet into a hospitable living space was, of course, getting a working plumbing system.

Campbell is still tinkering with it but one of the aircraft's three toilets is already up and running.

'It's small but I'm small', he says, peeking into the functioning restroom.

Furthermore, he has installed a temporary shower within the main cabin of the plane.

Campbell concedes the shower doesn’t afford much privacy but points out that if you live in the middle of the woods that isn’t a pressing concern.

Describing the venture as an ‘experiment’, Campbell hopes that others will follow his lead: ‘It is a good experiment in a living environment that, I hope, will prove to be something that mankind will embrace with vigour at a later time.'

Lighting up with glee, Campbell ushers his guests into the space he describes as his ‘favourite playroom’: the cockpit.

And in warmer weather, the aircraft’s wings make for great decks - easily accessed through the emergency exits.

Campbell has had some visitors to his bizarre bolthole and, he says, some have fallen in love with it.

There is no radio or TV in the plane but an iPod touch provides music as Campbell potters away creating his new home.

‘It’s not for everybody. But I think it is for a lot of people and it is definitely for me. I absolutely love it,’ says Campbell as he concludes his tour.