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Friday, 22 June 2012

George Clooney $100 Tip

George Clooney + $100 Tip, George Lucas $100 Tip, Serendipity 3 $1000 sundae, George Lucas movie studio Marin County—George Lucas must have really like his food because he left one waiter a huge tip! The producer/director/mogul and his family went to Manhattan’s Serendipity 3 restaurant, and ordered burgers, fries, wings, omelets and Serendipity’s famous frozen hot chocolates, all adding up to $185. Then he left a $100 dollar tip for the waiter.

George Lucas’ vision just got closer to reality, Wicked Lasers has released the LaserSaber — a $100 “blade”.

The lightsaber comprises a 32-inch polycarbonate wand and aircraft-grade aluminum hilt that attaches directly to the cap of its Spyder 3 series of green and blue lasers.

It also includes “an ultra-smooth magnetic gravity system” that allows the blade to smoothly light up and down, albeit without the standard Star Wars sound effects.

According to Wicked Lasers CEO Steve Liu the laser energy that enters the saber is first diffused within an internal tube, and then evenly distributed across the blade.

The diffuser tube contains a metal sphere that’s locked into place by a magnet hidden at the top of the blade, and its movements create the “beam-grow effects.”