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Friday, 15 June 2012

Girls With Powerful Fathers

Girls With Powerful Fathers – They say that dads and daughters share a special bond. And if you are lucky enough to have a well-connected dad, sometimes that bond lets him help you launch your career. In honor of Father’s Day, see celebs like Rashida Jones, Allison Williams and others who have some pretty powerful fathers.

Rashida Jones 

Rashida Jones
She may lead a life of comedy with knee-slapping roles in “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation,” but there’s a whole lot more to Rashida than meets the eye. In fact, her dad’s extremely successful career in the music biz
led to her childhood friendships with a lot of influential West Coast rappers like Tupac — who was actually engaged to her sister at the time of his death. rashida jones quincy jones daughter,

Allison Williams
She may be new to the scene, but Allison Williams was not afraid to use some of her dad’s fame and notoriety to land her dream gig. Much to her dad’s appreciation, she waited until after graduating from Yale in 2010 to give acting a real go. And since landing a role on “Girls,” Allison’s dad has been at all of her press events to support her budding career, including an appearance on his network’s famous morning show. allison williams brian williams daughter,

Zooey and Emily Deschanel
When you grow up in Los Angeles and your dad is a five-time Academy Award nominee, it’s not surprising that you’d want to work in Hollywood. While their dad may stick behind the scenes and work in cinematography, Zooey and Emily both prefer to be on camera, with their hit TV shows “New Girl” and “Bones,” respectively. zooey deschanel caleb deschanel,

Lily Collins
She’s famous for her role on “The Blind Side” and those thick, dark eyebrows. But Lily’s dad is famous on a much larger scale. She used her industry family to launch her own career, which consists of movies, writing magazine columns and hosting TV gigs. But we can’t help but secretly hope that these two team up and make something pretty cool. lily collins phil collins daughter,

Jemima Kirke
Jemima comes from a family of free spirits: Her mom helped find clothing for “Sex & the City,” and her dad is the drummer in the British hard-rock band Bad Company. Jemima — who got her bachelor of fine arts from the Rhode Island School of Design — started out as a painter. But lately, she’s been dabbling in acting. So it would appear that this musical dad passed on his artistic talent to his bohemian daughter. jemima kirke simon kirke daughter, jemima kirke style,

Zosia Mamet
Zosia was lucky enough to have a widely recognized last name in the entertainment biz thanks to her playwright dad. Since she started pursuing acting as a career, Zosia has landed gigs on lots of coveted shows like “Mad Men” and “Girls.” zosia mamet david mamet daughter,

Bryce Dallas Howard
When she was born, Bryce was the oldest daughter to one of the most successful directors in Hollywood. Besides working in the same field, this father-daughter duo share that same bright red hair. bryce dallas howard ron howard daughter,

Sofia Coppola
Sofia’s dad is basically the godfather of modern movies. Lucky for her, she followed in her dad’s footsteps and made a name for herself as a producer, director and writer. Sofia also acquired some very coveted hardware — the most important being an Academy Award — that we’re sure looks really nice next to her dad’s Oscar statues. sofia coppola francis ford coppola daughter,

Rooney Mara
In case you were wondering where Rooney Mara came from after she skyrocketed out of nowhere to fame with “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” she’s from a pretty important family in the sports world. While her dad’s job near the top of one of the most successful sports franchises didn’t necessarily help her career, it definitely didn’t hurt. We do find it pretty interesting, though, that Rooney shies away from anything too all-American, when one of America’s favorite pastimes is what makes her family so powerful. rooney mara dad,

Stella McCartney
This beautiful lady was lucky enough to be born into music royalty, because her dad belonged to one of the most famous British bands to ever make music. But she didn’t want to just ride on her dad’s coattails. Stella created a fashion empire and does lots of charity work with the help of her besties, like Gwyneth Paltrow. stella mccartney paul mccartney daughter,

Pixie and Peaches Geldof
While their dad may have made a name for himself as a British musician, actor and knight, Pixie and Peaches are more into beating to their own drum. Both daughters have chosen to pursue careers in entertainment, which for Peaches involves TV, while Pixie is the lead singer of the band Violet — which does nothing but please their artistic father. peaches and pixie geldof dad bob geldof,

Liv Tyler
Weirdly, Liv didn’t always know who her dad was. When she was 8, Liv discovered that the guy she thought was her dad wasn’t, after she met her real dad backstage at a concert. To make matters even more dramatic, he didn’t know she was his daughter. It must have been a confusing time for the youngster, but Liv and her famous screamer of a dad have remained pretty tight ever since. liv tyler steven tyler daughter,

Meghan McCain
Back in 2008, Meghan became famous for sticking by her conservative father when he was running for a government job. Despite his right-wing politics, she expressed her commitment to same-sex marriage and made headlines. Her anything goes attitude toward social media and her honesty about her family landed her a plethora of business opportunities, including working for MSNBC. meghan mccain john mccain daughter,

Jenna Bush Hager
Being a member of the Bush family has a lot of perks, what with two members of the clan being former presidents. Jenna smartly used her connections from her two-term president of a father to land her dream job as a “Today” show news correspondent. jenna bush hager george bush daughter,