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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Jerry Seinfeld Baseball Diamond, Tennis Court Pools

Jerry Seinfeld Baseball Diamond, Tennis Court Pools, Tennis Court Indoor And Outdoor Pools, Jerry Seinfeld purchased a home in East Hampton, New York for a record $32 million! The home is located on 14 acres and contains more than even Oprah’s home! He has a gym, indoor and outdoor pools, gourmet kitchen, tennis court, bowling alley, guest cottage, music room, a smoking bar, and a wine cellar! Geez he would never have to leave his home if he didn’t want to!

Jerry Seinfeld, $32 million mansion in East Hampton-Jerry Seinfeld might be the official king of blowing money on things he doesn’t need.

Today’s example? The estate in East Hampton, NY that he bought from Billy Joel (yes, that Billy Joel; there isn’t some other super rich guy with that name) for a mind numbing $32 million.

What makes the estate so expensive? Well, it come with a playroom, a nursery, a den, a twenty-two car garage, and it’s own baseball diamond. So basically folks, Seinfeld bought a state park.

Jerry Seinfeld House Has Wine Cellar, Baseball Diamond, Tennis Court Indoor and Outdoor Pools