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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Marsha Looper Gay Son

Marsha Looper Gay Son - Marsha Looper & Gay Son, Recently, the son of a Colorado lawmaker was outed by an unlikely source: his mother’s campaign manager. According to the Denver Post, the campaign manager for Rep. Marsha Looper applauded her boss for voting against a civil unions bill that would have given more rights to same-sex couples in the state. “God is truly to be praised for Marsha Looper because she also has a homosexual son,” emailed the campaign manager Lana Fore-Warkocz.

Looper wasn’t pleased with the admission, however, and issued a statement to the Post: “My family members’ personal lives are not a legitimate avenue for my campaign.” Rep. Marsha Looper bio, Colorado lawmaker unhappy campaign e-mail outed her gay son,

Fair enough. Or is it? What happens when a conservative candidate is outed for having a gay son or daughter? Is it legitimate to bring up? And what would have happened if, in this case, the admission was made by an LGBT rights organization? Would supporters be outraged?

Occasionally, offspring of politicians do get pulled into the fold – some by accident and others by choice. As Looper must reconcile with her own voting record and her family (we wouldn’t want to be at that dinner table after mom voted to limit son’s rights), another relationship takes a different path in the Mile High State. Colorado Civil Unions bill dies

As the same civil unions bill that Looper voted against was being debated, the son of another conservative legislator fought to convince his Dad that voting for LGBT rights is paramount to a civil rights issue. carrie underwood gay marriage. Rep. Marsha Looper bio, Colorado Civil Unions bill dies,

Dee Coram, the gay son of Republican Don Coram, told the Denver Post that he’s disappointed by his father’s refusal to support the same civil unions bill. “Yesterday was the first and only time I ever called him and said, ‘Can you do this?’ He said, ‘I love you, but absolutely not,’” Dee Coram told the Post. The result? The bill died in legislature and same-sex couples in Colorado are still without any recognition or legal protection.