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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Miss SC USA Responds To Claims That She’s Ugly

Miss SC USA Responds To Claims That She’s Ugly - The Miss USA pageant, famous for its poised and professional contestants, is now dealing with its ugly side. Its owner, Donald Trump, is suing Miss Pennsylvania after she sent nasty text messages saying the competition is rigged and bashing Miss South Carolina USA in the process. Now Erika Grace Powell, the Easley native who made the top 16 in the national beauty competition, is speaking out about her time in Las Vegas and the aftermath of that text message.

She said after 3 1/2 weeks of glitz and glamour full of star-studded parties and photo shoots, she really got to know her fellow contestants. She said she knew Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena Monnin, and said she had always been nice.

Powell was surprised to hear that Monnin added her into the mix, along with Miss Colorado, as she texted a complaint that the contest was rigged. Monnin said there were “several beautiful girls” kept out of the top 16, and asked why Miss Colorado and Miss South Carolina moved on.

“We had a couple good conversations,” Powell said of Monnin. “She has a really interesting family. I remember things about her, I never thought she didn’t like me or you know, had an agenda.”

Powell said in keeping with Trump’s philosophy, she agrees the only bad press is no press. So she’s keeping her head high and realizes that if she wants to be in the public eye, things like this may happen. She said she aims to ignore the petty and focus on the future.