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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Mutant Pig Dog

Mutant Pig Dog - A PIG, horse or an alien dog? This animal has been seen walking the streets, Mutant Pig Dog, sparking fears it has escaped from a medical research centre, with its strange-coloured skin and hairless body, many observers speculated the rare breed could have been some sort of strange mutant pig.

However given its white tufts of hair, unusual stance and wispy tail, the strange canine could even pass for a mini horse. Mutant Pig Dog, World's Ugliest Dog Contest,

One witness said: 'The pink skin makes it look just like pig gone wrong in some sort of genetic experiment.' chinese crested hairless, mutant hellbeast chupacabra,

However police have denied the animal is the subject of a genetic experiment - confirming it is actually a breed known as a Chinese crested hairless dog. World's Ugliest Dog Contest,

'It is definitely a dog, and quite an expensive one at that,' said a spokesman.

Source: dailytelegraph