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Friday, 1 June 2012

Suspect Pawn Handcuffs

Suspect Pawn Handcuffs - After a trespassing suspect was processed and released from the city jail in Aberdeen police noticed something was missing -- ohio woman house clean it, their handcuffs. they had been removed and left on a table Tuesday when the man was released.

Sgt. Art Laur says video showed the man took them. He went straight to a pawn shop. The operator recognized police markings and held them for police. suspect pawn handcuffs, trafficking in stolen property,

The man was caught in a nearby parking lot and taken back to jail in a different pair of handcuffs. ohio woman house clean it,

Laur says the original pair are out of service now. They're being held as evidence on a felony charge of trafficking in stolen property.

Laur says the 43-year-old transit has a record of trespassing and theft arrests related to shoplifting.

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