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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Worst Celebrity Hairstyles

Worst celebrity hairstyles - worst celebrity hairstyles, Having a bad hair day? Don't fret, we've all been there — and celebs are no exception. Even with an entire team of stylists, some stars have rocked horrific hair don'ts. From bouffants to braids, here are 50 of the worst celebrity hairstyles of all time.

Sexiest woman of '06

scarlett johansson, While she's selective about her movie roles  this sizzling starlet probably didn't take much time to mull over this haircut. But not even this horrendous hairstyle could stop her from being named Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive in 2006. sexiest woman alive 2006,
Pop music's 'dirty little sister'

Glitter ke$ha, wasn't enough for this edgy pop star, so she adorned her head with metallic studs. The singer, who likens herself to P. Diddy   tweeted a photo of her "bedazzled" head for all to see. dirty little sister v magazine,
A Badgley Mischka model

Her famous mom  made headlines when she shaved her head for a movie role, but this celebrity offspring couldn't quite pull off her own unconventional 'do. modeling debut badgley mischka, demi moore,
Fashion Police' co-host

fashion police co host gropes, kelly osbourne, Her dad has rocked the same haircut since 1969  but this former rebel has transformed quite a bit over the years. Who knew there was a future fashionista hiding beneath that bowl cut?
An 'American Idol' judge

jennifer lopez, Her movie creds include mostly romantic comedies , but this 2005 hairdo definitely has a sci-fi feel. While she's known for being a triple threat, this megastar now judges the talents of others. american idol judge not return,
A reality TV mom

At 37, this reality star has three books, eight kids and one horrible haircut under her belt. She tamed her infamous spiky style for a sleeker look after her high-profile divorce in 2009
A singer-turned-actress

Her music just won't stop, but someone needed to put an end to this sassy singer's dreadful 'do. She's constantly changing her hairstyle, so thankfully, this one didn't last long
A pop music diva

Her diva status has made her the subject of quite a few "Saturday Night Live" sketches  But we don't know what's more over-the-top: this singer's ridiculous vocal runs or her 2002 hairstyle.
An awarded musician

We all make unwise hair choices, including this singer, who was valedictorian of her high school at only 16. But with 12 Grammys under her belt, she's allowed a flop
A business tycoon

His hair just won't quit — and it really should. The real estate king has made a second career out of firing people  But if you ask us, it's time to lay off this hairstyle.
A British pop singer

Known for her wild style back in the '90s, this former girl group member went from spicy to just plain scary when she rocked this bizarre 'do in 2010. Even more dramatic is her romantic history: She had a tumultuous relationship with Eddie Murphy.
An outspoken songstress

During her pregnancy, this feisty pop singer stressed over her butchered pixie cut. Her Twitter fans agreed — it was bad. "Thanks for pointing out how much you all hate it, too," the singer wrote. "Helpful." But so what? She's still a rock star
A Detroit rocker

Even with his stringy locks, this rock cowboy managed to nab a "Baywatch" babe. He called their wedding a "ball" but the marriage a "nightmare." He says he's "Born Free," but it might be time to liberate himself from the shackles of this terrible hair.
A talent show coach

As the judge of a popular talent show  she's known for being a harsh critic. She has plenty to say about others, so what's her excuse for this Medusa-inspired look?
A popular bounty hunter

If you thought his hair was a crime, this reality star   has a serious conviction in his past: first-degree murder. After serving a five-year sentence, he rehabilitated himself and began working on the other side of the law. You can run, but you can't hide, from this ex-con and his atrocious hair.
An 'X Factor' judge

He's the sixth-richest person in the British music industry   so you'd think he could afford to update his hairdo. He criticizes others for their flat performances, but you could serve lunch on his head.
A reality show runner-up

He originally wanted to try out for "The Amazing Race" but decided to audition for "American Idol" instead  It was a smart decision. Yes, he has an incredible voice, but we're not singing the praises of this out-of-date hairstyle.
A 'Jersey Shore' alum

With a powerful blow-dryer and a massive amount of hair glue, you can re-create this reality star's trademark look  But why would you? "It comes out perfect every single time," the DJ brags of his rock-hard hair. Define perfect.
An Oscar winner

She cut off her strands for a movie role that paid only $3,000. But it was worth it—the actress won an Academy Award for that role in 1999  Good for her career, but bad for her hair. The growing-out phase was very awkward.
A reality star-turned-author

Her bad hair, along with her bad behavior, put her on the reality TV map. Now, the reformed party girl has tamed not only her mane but her antics as well. She surprised everyone when she announced her pregnancy and engagement
A singer & fashion designer

This hip-hop frontwoman   sure can rock a stage, but no one can rock these bangs. As a child, she starred on "Kids Incorporated," and it looks like she's reliving the '80s with this obsolete look. She's got bold style — but bold isn't always beautiful.
A soap opera star

Since her early years on "Days of Our Lives"  this soap opera star has usually sported a short, spunky cut. Anything's better than this gravity-defying hair disaster.
A powerful singer/actress

This singing sensation goes big, but with this hair, she should've just gone home. She's known for her usually flawless red-carpet style   but hey, you can't win them all.
A troubled actress

This Chinese actress is known more for her kooky style than for her movie roles. In 2009, she lived up to her eccentric reputation by showing off this botched, bleached look at an Oscar afterparty
A West Coast rapper

He's not shy about his drug use, often making references to it in his songs   So we couldn't help but wonder: What was this hip-hop star smoking when he went for this 'do?
A parody singer

He released his 10th studio album, "Running With Scissors," in 1999  If only he would use those scissors to do something about that out-of-control hair. Then again, his hairstyle is his trademark, and it's almost as wacky as his songs.
A hit band's lead singer

She's managed to pull off a plethora of wild styles, but not even this daring singer could rock pink cornrows. She's since returned to her signature platinum locks — a look inspired by one of her influences, Debbie Harry
A model-turned-actress

Even before she made it in Hollywood, this former model  was known for her unique style. As a designer, she knows that fashion is often used to make a statement, but what exactly does limp, greasy hair say? "Wash me."
An expecting actress

She's known for her role in "Scream" and its sequels, but this 2007 hacked-up hairstyle was the real horror. Although the 38-year-old is as fetching as ever, no one could make this hair massacre look good.
A 'Twilight' star

This young actor isn't just a "Twilight" heartthrob; he's truly dedicated to his craft. He must be, to have agreed to this botched hair, cut for a movie role. Sorry, Edward, but this haircut sucks.
A newlywed

She comes from Hollywood royalty, but her hair choices aren't always regal. In 2009, she dyed only the ends of her hair black, leaving the rest blond. Perhaps she couldn't settle on one color, so she decided to go for both
A former cover model

This former supermodel graced the cover of Sports Illustrated   but she definitely wasn't ready for her close-up with this disheveled updo. Maybe she took styling lessons from her rocker ex, Rod Stewart.
A British comedian

After a high-profile divorce, his ex dyed her hair bright blue  He, on the other hand, decided to keep his unkempt, unruly locks the same. Famous for his role in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," he should know it's time he forgot these terrible tresses.
An '80s rocker

He turned down the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but he should've snubbed this awful hairstyle instead. Rock stars  can usually get away with their freaky fashions, but this 'do needs to be axed.
A newly divorced actress

She may be an "American Beauty," but this starlet is no stranger to bad hair days. It's a mystery why she opts for complicated coifs like this one when she has such a naturally beautiful mane. Seems like styling it would be easy as pie!
A well-known socialite

This reality star's Bo Derek-inspired braids were bad, but nothing was quite as ugly as her divorce
 Her wedding might have been a fairy tale , but the breakup was a horror story — much like this hairstyle.
A former Mouseketeer

Her massive meltdown culminated in an outlandish act of frustration that involved shaving her head completely bald for no apparent reason. She's made a comeback since then, and thankfully, so has her hair.
A former 'Idol' contestant

Fans praised his vocal chops , but this aspiring singer's faux-hawk didn't have many idolizing his hair. He sang No Doubt's "Bathwater"  on national television, but his skills on the mic were overshadowed by this bizarre hairstyle.
A candid actress

She showed up to the 2012 Golden Globes looking less like a movie star and more like Ziggy Stardust The only thing that could outshine her eccentric style is her incredible talent, which earned her a 2007 Academy Award
A sitcom star

She stars on the hit CBS sitcom "The Big Bang Theory," but this actress' hair went out with more of a whimper. At a panel for the show, she still managed to look put together — just from the forehead down.
A Former teen show star

This actress was the star of a hit teen show in 1999 . But when she lopped off her luscious locks, ratings dropped drastically. Who knew one little haircut could be that bad for your career?
An Oscar-nominated actress

Even more memorable than her role in "Cape Fear" was this actress' 'do at the 1992 Oscars. Talk about scary. But hey, she still managed to nab Brad Pitt, so maybe this less-than-glamorous style was worth it.
A Food Network host

He might know food, but when it comes to hairstyles, he could use some schooling. Between his bleached spikes, his goatee and his fondness for the phrase "off da hook," this TV host fully embodies the '90s. Unfortunately, it's 2012.
A former Supermodel

Style is her forte, as both a model and the host of one of the most popular fashion shows on television  So, what was this befuddled beauty thinking when she attended a red-carpet event with wet, slicked-back hair?
A former model & mogul

Worth an estimated $90 million, this model-turned-TV host  could afford all the hats in the world. So we have no idea why she tried to make one out of her own hair.
A Country music star

Thanks to his 1992 hit  this country singer is responsible for making the mullet fashionable — for about five minutes. He's now famous for defending, and dishing on, his celebrity daughter's antics
A jailed rapper

This rapper's 1995 hip-hop hit, "Gangsta's Paradise", was filled with some depressing lyrics. But even sadder is his weird, wiry hairstyle. Rap music has progressed; it might be time for this hairstyle to evolve as well.
A former TV star

This Australian-born TV actress turned heads with her bombshell looks on "Ally McBeal"  But her luxurious locks just aren't the same when they've been fried with a crimping iron. She should be arrested for this hair development
A Country music icon

Back in the '80s, this country crooner's hair was almost as big as a couple of her other assets She recalled being mistaken for a prostitute during her first trip to New York City: "I still had the big hair, looking trashy like I do."
A 'Harry Potter' villain

Currently dating Tim Burton, this actress takes on a variety of eccentric roles. And she usually stays in character long after they're done shooting. Her hair is so often a mess that, at this point, we wouldn't expect anything less.