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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Allan Mayefsky And Katie Holmes

Allan Mayefsky And Katie Holmes - Katie Holmes has hired hardball “pitbull” attorney Allan Mayefsky to represent her in her epic divorce battle against superstar Tom Cruise; she has also filed for an emergency custody and support hearing. Even if Katie Holmes is not being followed by mystery Scientology surveillance teams, it appears she has taken definite steps toward playing hardball in her divorce proceeding against Tom Cruise.

The paperwork for the emergency hearing was filed Tuesday, July 3, and the date of the court hearing has been set for July 17.

Legal analyst Lisa Bloom says Holmes made a tactical decision in hiring Allan Mayefsky, who, in the past, represented Peter Cook in his contentious divorce from Christie Brinkley.

“She’s making it clear she’s going to play tough,” said Bloom. “Cruise is more of a high-profile celebrity than she is, so he has a greater distance to fall if grievances are aired. Everyone has dirty laundry they don’t want aired. She’s saying play fair with me or else … Of course she would choose an experienced and tough lawyer. But the fact that she’d choose someone who’s been known to go to media in the past signals that she might have hired him for that reason.”

While Holmes has resources, most know her from her time on the TV series “Dawson’s Creek.” Meanwhile, Cruise is a mega-movie superstar that Forbes recently said was the highest paid actor in Hollywood.