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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ashley Greene Lingerie Shoot in Esquire

Ashley Greene Lingerie Shoot in Esquire - Ashley Greene Appears in Lingerie For Esquire Magazine.25 year old actress Ashley Greene can be seen in the August 2012 issue of Esquire sporting multiple lingerie sets.

The Twilight actress is shown in three provocative shots, one while relaxing in a chair wearing a black and pink bra with black lacy underwear, and covered by a sheer pink shirt that remains unbuttoned and slipped over the shoulders. Ashley Greene Lingerie Shoot in Esquire,

The second shot reveals Greene in a white bra, loose fitting denim jeans with a just woken up appearance with a coffee cup in hand.

The third shot is a captivating black and white image of Green sitting on a window sill. She is wearing another shirt left open that only covers the arms, legs open, and white underwear.

As for the interview portion of the piece the ‘Twilight’ actess admited that she’s looking forward to turning 30.

She told Esquire magazine: “It’s a good age. It’s an age of choices. What ‘Twilight’ gave me was years to consider how I wanted to work otherwise.”

Greene attributes her success in Hollywood to having an extremely disciplined routine.

“In my second year in Los Angeles, when I was 18, I wasn’t getting any bookings, so I stopped going out, stopped partying,” Greene, 25, tells Esquire. “It was a matter of getting to the work. I had to focus.”

Now with a successful modeling and acting career, her had work has paid off.

“At 14, I was being a little brat,” Greene told BlackBook. “I thought I knew everything, and my dad (a former Marine) was like, ‘I own your bed, your TV, everything.’

“At the time I was annoyed, but I’m very thankful because he worked really hard to provide for us. There was a lot of discipline, and with what I’m doing now, I’m glad for it.”

Ashley can next be seen on the big screen in the horror flick The Apparition, in which a couple are haunted by a supernatural presence that is unleashed during a college experiment.

Source: ecanadanow