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Monday, 9 July 2012

Bath Salts Trend

Bath Salts Trend - Bath Salts Suspected in Nationwide Naked Crime Wave - Bath Salts Trend, Maternity Ward Bath Salts - Maternity Ward Bath Salts, Police say they had to restrain 31-year-old Carla Murphy from attacking staff in a hospital maternity ward when she smoked the synthetic drug "bath salts" just two days after giving birth.

Murphy is charged with aggravated assault and various drug counts for allegedly the powerful sstimulants and then stripping naked and fighting with staff at the Altoona Regional Hospital on June 17. She faces a preliminary hearing Aug. 8. bath salts trend, Bath salts suspected in nationwide naked crime wave,

Hospital police were reportedly called to subdue Murphy after she stripped, Bath salts suspected in nationwide naked crime wave, rolled around on the shower floor, and couldn't answer questions from hospital staff. Police said they later found the drugs in Murphy's personal effects and at her home. maternity ward bath salts,

Source: cbsnews