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Monday, 16 July 2012

Business Failures Of The Famous

Business Failures Of The Famous - Celebrities often try to stretch out with fashion lines, restaurants or other business projects. Sometimes it works; often, it doesn’t, as these efforts proved.

Claudia Schiffer
Claudia Schiffer, the former face of Guess Jeans teamed up with fellow supermodels Naomi Campbell, Elle Macpherson and Christy Turlington for a 1995 pairing of food and fashion. Fashion Cafe + Tommaso Buti + charged with fraud, Claudia Schiffer + Flaunt magazine denim issue,

Britney Spears
Former teen idol Britney Spears dabbled in dining in 2002, but the endeavor lasted barely six months. Britney Spears + NYLA Restaurant, Britney Spears + X Factor,

Steven Spielberg
Famed film director Steven Spielberg and his DreamWorks partner, Jeffrey Katzenberg, saw their aquatic project take a nose dive. Dive! + submarine themed restaurant, Steven Spielberg + Lincoln, DreamWorks + Need For Speed video game adaptation,

Natalie Portman
“Black Swan” star Natalie Portman debuted an animal-friendly pursuit in 2008. Natalie Portman for Te Casan + vegan shoes, Natalie Portman gives up veganism,

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Before his “Governator” days, Arnold Schwarzenegger and fellow action stars Sly Stallone and Bruce Willis invested in a briefly trendy international chain that he backed out of in 2000. Arnold Schwarzenegger + Planet Hollywood + bankruptcy

Kim Kardashian
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her sisters fronted a short-lived project that targeted fellow shopaholics. Kardashian card + “predatory” fees, Kardashian card + Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, ShoeDazzle Kim Kardashian

Kim Basinger
In 1989, Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger invested in a $20 million would-be tourist attraction that tanked a few years later. Braselton, GA + Kim Basinger + $20 million, Kim Basinger + Boxing Helena lawsuit,

Jennifer Lopez
Pop star and “American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez may have found success as the top celebrity perfumer, but she’s fumbled in the fashion world. Jennifer Lopez + Sweetface clothing line, Jennifer Lopez + Madre’s restaurant ,

Suzanne Somers
“Three’s Company” star and fitness spokeswoman Suzanne Somers tried fronting a family-style franchise that she quickly pulled out of. Suzanne’s Kitchen + Suzanne Somers, Suzanne’s Kitchen + $400,000 lawsuit,

Hulk Hogan
In 1995, famed wrestler Hulk Hogan set up shop outside of the ring and inside the Mall of America. Hulk Hogan Thunder Mixer, Hulk Hogan + Hogan Energy Drink,

Kanye West
Clotheshorse rapper Kanye West decided to put his money where his mouth was with a 2009 attempt that never saw the light of day. Kanye West + Pastelle,

Mandy Moore
Former teenybopper Mandy Moore branched out into the apparel world for a few years but reverted to what she knows best. Mandy Moore + Mblem clothing line,

Lenny Dykstra
A revered former outfielder with a “numbers whiz” reputation, Lenny Dykstra took on the world of publishing in 2008 but struck out. Lenny Dykstra + Players Club magazine, Lenny Dykstra + Players Club + unpaid bills, Lenny Dykstra + bankruptcy fraud + up to 20 years, Lenny Dykstra + three grand theft auto charges,

Michael Vick
Controversial Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick showed his appreciation for the finer things with this 2007 Atlanta-based project. Michael Vick + The Tasting Room, Michael Vick + illegal dog fighting conviction,

Debbie Reynolds
Song-and-dance veteran Debbie Reynolds may have had hits in Hollywood and on Broadway, but when it came to doing business in Las Vegas, her luck ran dry. Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Hotel and Casino, Debbie Reynolds Hotel + poor location, Debbie Reynolds Hotel + $10 million + WWF, Debbie Reynolds movie memorabilia auction

Nicky Hilton
Nicky Hilton wanted to be known for more than partying with her socialite sister Paris, but her foray into the family business never took off. Nicky O Hotel + filed for bankruptcy, Nicky O Hotels Roberto Cavalli $5000-a-night penthouse, Nicky O Hotels Chicago Printer’s Row, Nicky Hilton + sued + breach of contract,

Flavor Flav
Rap pioneer-turned-TV personality Flavor Flav lent his name to an Ohio business that aimed to challenge a big-name competitor but lasted less than four months. Flav’s Fried Chicken + bounced paychecks, Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor, Flavor Flav + paid back child support,

Donald Trump
Real-estate tycoon Donald Trump may be a staple on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list, but he hasn’t had the Midas touch on his publishing projects, including his third and most recently shelved release. Trump Magazine,

Oprah Winfrey
TV mogul Oprah Winfrey parlayed her media might into an eponymous endeavor that has been plagued by negative headlines and much skepticism. Oprah Winfrey + OWN network, OWN network + low ratings, OWN network $330 million losses, OWN network lays off 30 employees, OWN network + Rosie O’Donnell + canceled, Oprah Winfrey Keeping Up with the Kardashians,

Walt Disney
Disney fans the world over should thank their lucky stars that the animation innovator Walt Disney’s Kansas City startup ran aground, prompting his move to California. Laugh-O-Gram Studio, Laugh-O-Gram Studio + bankruptcy + 1923,

Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade, of the NBA champion Miami Heat, attempted to diversify his résumé, but his big idea was cut down almost as quickly as it started. D. Wade’s Sports Grills, Dwyane Wade D. Wades restaurants lawsuit, Dwyane Wade to miss Olympics,

Kenny Rogers
Though the country crooner’s side gig did have a good run, Kenny Rogers’ business got bought out in 1999. Kenny Rogers Roasters, Kenny Rogers Roasters bankruptcy, Kenny Rogers + avoids auction + sells home,

Minnie Pearl
For a vintage failure, look no further than “Hee Haw” star Minnie Pearl. She signed on to a business that copied the Colonel’s model but went up in smoke by 1971. Minnie Pearl’s Fried Chicken, Minnie Pearl’s Fried Chicken franchises SEC investigation, Minnie Pearl’s Fried Chicken + worth $64 million,