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Friday, 13 July 2012

Gene Simmons Slept With 4,897 Women

Gene Simmons Slept With 4,897 Women - Awesome or despicable, Mick Jagger has reportedly slept with more than 4,000 women during his sexual career, biographer Chris Andersen reveals. “Mick Jagger has slept with 4,000 women over the course of his life, and in retrospect, I think that might be kind of a low figure.”

The author told “Extra” that among the rock star’s numerous conquests are Carla Bruni, Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Farrah Fawcett (very briefly) and Carly Simon. Andersen also includes David Bowie among Jagger’s past sexual partners — although the nature of their romantic relationship has recently been the subject of controversy — calling the pair a “sexual tag team.” Mick Jagger women, Mick Jagger slept with 4,000 women,

“Mick himself said, at one point, ‘everyone knows that everyone is basically bisexual,’” Andersen explained. Gene Simmons slept with 4,897 women,

The “Mick” author even recounts a story of Jagger finally seeking help from a therapist, before ultimately seducing her. Book Claims Mick Jagger And David Bowie Were Lovers,

But fellow rocker Gene Simmons may have Jagger beat in the bedding department — the KISS bassist says he has slept with roughly 4,897 women. Now that’s “Satisfaction.”