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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Jason Carroll Moss I Was Picked On An Bullied By A Bnch of You

Jason Carroll Moss I Was Picked On An Bullied By A Bnch of You - Jason Carroll Moss, 'I'm still seeking vengeance': Police arrest man for threatening to kill 'bully' classmates before 20-year reunion,A man who claimed he was the victim of school bullies threatened to take revenge on his classmates at their 20-year reunion.

Jason Carroll Moss said he was still 'seeking vengeance' on those who tormented him as a teenager.

The 38-year-old threatened his former tormentors with a posting on the Facebook page of the John Marshall High School in San Antonio, Texas. jason moss threat reunion,

As other students from the class of 1992 gathered for the reunion at a local country club he wrote: 'I stayed away from graduation at the time because I would have started the Columbine shootings early.

'I was picked on and bullied by a bunch of you when I went to school and I wanted to kill everyone that hurt me. jason carroll moss i was picked on an bullied by a bunch of you,

'I'm still seeking vengeance on all those who bullied and harassed me when I was growing up or went to school. You people do not know what you did to me.' columbine shooting,

The post was reported to San Antonio police who spoke with Moss at his home.

He allegedly admitted posting the chilling message despite the passage of two decades because he was afraid he would get picked on again if he showed up at the reunion.

Moss was charged with harassment and released on a personal recognizance bond.

The reunion for the Class of 92 was watched over by police but passed without incident at the weekend.

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