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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Christy Turlington's Daughter

Christy Turlington's Daughter - Christy Turlington's daughter did an intimate photo shoot with her mom. Grace appeared on the pages of DuJour Magazine with her mom, in a sort of "passing of the baton" so to speak. On August 21, Daily Mail posted some of the beautiful pictures of mother and daughter, showing that Grace, 8, definitely inherited her mom's good looks.

Inside the pages of the magazine, Turlington talks about her difficult and frightening childbirth experience. Her intimate pictures with Grace show her maternal side and give hope to women who may experience similar complications while giving birth. It is clear to see the mother-daughter bond in the pictures which are appropriate and timeless.

Christy Turlington's daughter's intimate shoot was not about being sexy or provocative in any way. In this instance, "intimate" refers to the personal, private nature of a mother-daughter bond that was so evident on camera. This is really the first time that Grace has been "introduced" to the world officially, and the photos really express something wonderful.

Naturally Turlington isn't trying to exploit her daughter, hence why the photos were tasteful and in an at-home atmosphere. It doesn't look like anything was staged or that the photos were posed. It was really about a mother and a daughter having fun.

Christy Turlington's daughter's intimate shoot is getting a lot of attention today because the pictures are so heart-warming. Turlington's story is also touching and very moving—definitely worth the read.

Source: examiner