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Monday, 13 August 2012

Scramjet Test Flight New York To London In One Hour

Scramjet Test Flight New York To London In One Hour  - Scramjet test flight might go from New York to London in just one hour. The U.S. military is using an experimental aircraft that can make it across the pond in record time. The jet can travel at hypersonic speeds, reaching 4,500mph in mere seconds. On August 13, Daily Mail reported that the new age aircraft will be doing put into action on Tuesday, being dropped from a B-52 bomber over the Pacific Ocean.

"Since the Wright brothers, we have examined how to make aircraft better and faster. Hypersonic flight is one of those areas that is a potential frontier for aeronautics. I believe we're standing in the door waiting to go into that arena," said Robert Mercier, deputy for technology in the high speed systems division at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Ohio Scramjet Test Flight New York To London In One Hour ,

The "scramjet" test flight from New York to London in one hour, however, is not being tested just yet. The newer aircraft needs to undergo some other testing before it actually makes its way from one airport to another. If this jet is successful in its test-run on Tuesday, researchers believe that they could be on to something. Imagine being able to get to Europe in 2-3 hours rather than 8-9? That would be amazing.

At the present time, however, such a speedy aircraft is only being considered for use by the military. In the future, travelers may be able to board such an incredible vessel, but that is years and years down the road... perhaps the future of aviation, if you will.

The "scramjet" test flight getting people from New York to London in one hour may be a dream—but in the eyes of aviation specialists, they are trying to make it a reality.

Source: examiner