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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Two Sets Of Pyramids Discovered In Egypt

Two Sets Of Pyramids Discovered In Egypt - Two Sets Of Pyramids Discovered In Egypt, Two new possible pyramid sites have been discovered by an American scientist who has spent 10 years studying the region. Two Sets Of Pyramids Discovered In Egypt: The archeology researchers known as Angela Micol made the discoveries after observing the region for 10 years.

The American scientist pinpointed two significant areas along the Nile basin that contain unusual shaped mounds. The two mounds are located about 90 miles and one of the sites includes a 620ft triangular plateau that is believed to be almost three times the size of the great pyramid which is located at Gaza.

The American scientist who is based in North Carolina America is now planning to make a visit to the sites in order to confirm that they are the real locations of the pyramids. The discovery would be deemed as the largest if the plateau discovered represents the remains of a genuine pyramid. Two Sets Of Pyramids Discovered In Egypt,

The American scientist Micol said that on closer examination the mound appears to have a very flat top and a curiously triangular flat top that is symmetrical and which has been heavily eroded over the years. The significance of the two sites stems from the fact that all the known pyramids were built in Cairo. Micol however added that field research will be required to ascertain what the satellite images revealed.

Source: thaindian