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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Man Swallows Diamond Stone Pass

Man Swallows Diamond Stone Pass - Man swallows diamond, man swallows 1.5 carat diamond, Talk about an expensive meal. Sri Lankan authorities have arrested a 32-year-old Chinese man after he allegedly attempted to steal a 1.5 carat diamond by swallowing it.

According to the Associated Press, exhibitor Suresh Wijekoon said that the man was behaving suspiciously at his stalls. When Wijekoon reached closer to the suspect, the man suddenly snatched a diamond and swallowed it. Suresh Wijekoon told the Associated Press the diamond, which weighs roughly 1.5 carats, was valued at 1.8 million Sri Lankan rupees, or $13,636. man swallows 1.5 carat diamond,

The suspect was taken to Colombo National Hospital where x-rays revealed that he had indeed swallowed the diamond. Chou Wan is in custody pending further investigation, police spokesman Ajith Rohana told the American Free Press, adding, "Doctors have advised surgery to remove the diamond."

The diamond was on display as part of Facets Sri Lanka 2012, the country's largest annual gem and jewelry fair.

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