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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Celeb Christmas Gifts

Celeb Christmas Gifts, The holidays are about peace and love, right? Oh yeah, and presents. But what you unwrapped Christmas morning likely had a very different price point than the stuff that celebs got. Rihanna $160,000 porsche from roc nation, rihanna $12 million mansion, Trust us, those gifts are too rich for Santa’s blood! Click through for the most outrageous celebrity holiday presents of recent years.

Rihanna was a big moneymaker for her music label, RocNation. So Jay-Z and company thanked her with this slick gift this year. Rihanna $160,000 porsche from roc nation, rihanna $12 million mansion,

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have only been dating for a short while, but that didn’t prevented Taylor from pulling out all the stops when it came to his Christmas gift. Remember, Taylor — money can’t buy you love. taylor swift buys harry styles beatles memorabilia for christmas, harry styles 23 cupcakes for taylor swift,
What do you get the teen girls who have everything? That was the problem the Kardashians and Jenners faced when looking for presents for Kylie and Kendall. But of course, they found some pretty posh stuff under the Christmas tree this year after all. kendall kylie jenner christmas $1,200 Christian Louboutin Celine purses,
We don’t think Santa (or Hanukkah Harry) would ever bring Drake this saucy gift, so it’s a good thing the rapper just bought it for himself this year. drake gets stripper pole for christmas, drake wants royalties for yolo from Walgreens and Macy’s,
A lot of people get this present for Christmas, but David Beckham got the most luxurious version for his wife, Victoria, this year. david beckham gives olivia von halle silk pajamas to victoria, beckhams voted most fashionable family,
Miranda Lambert is a lucky lady. Not only is she married to sexy country star Blake Shelton, but he showed that he’s still in puppy love with her by buying her this pricey present. blake shelton miranda lambert $20,000 gold necklace engraved with the names of her dogs christmas gift,
Alicia Keys’ white-hot year was capped off perfectly when her husband, Swizz Beatz, got her this speedy, swanky present. Swizz Beatz gives Alicia Keys white Porsche for Christmas,
Suri Cruise has pretty much anything a little girl — or a big girl — could want. But dad Tom Cruise upped the ante this Christmas with a gift that definitely didn’t fit under the Christmas tree. tom cruise buys suri mansion for christmas, tom cruise buys katie holmes $20 million gulfstream jet wedding present,
Kris Jenner wasn’t going to wait for her rich daughters to buy her this enormous Christmas present. Nope, the momager went out and bought it herself!  kris jenner buys herself Mercedes Benz G63 AMG, kardashians celebrate christmas 2012,
It must be pretty sweet for Haylie Duff to have a famous little sister like Hilary, especially when she buys her pricey presents like this for Christmas. haylie duff $18,000 XIV Karats Indian style bracelet christmas,
If you ask us, Lionel Richie’s Christmas present to himself this year was a wee bit excessive, but hey, it’ll keep him busy “All Night Long.” lionel richie buys himself seven mercedes,
Brad Pitt’s birthday is in late December, so it makes sense that Angelina Jolie’s Christmas gifts for him are pretty extravagant. And in 2011, she showered him with a pretty amazing Christmas present. angelina jolie buys brad pitt a waterfall christmas, angelina jolie giving up acting when kids hit their teens,
Being best friends with Justin Bieber has its perks! The Biebs generously gave this nifty gift to his childhood BFF last year. justin bieber gives ryan butler mustang for christmas 2011, justin bieber 18th birthday gift Fisker Karma,
Do you think Kristen Stewart already had a guilty heart when she gifted boyfriend Robert Pattinson with these super-generous gifts last Christmas? kristen stewart buys robert pattinson two vintage guitars $12,000 christmas 2011, kristen stewart robert pattinson host christmas tree decorating party,
Tori Spelling grew up with a father who brought snow to Los Angeles for Christmas, so Dean McDermott has a lot to live up to. Luckily, his thoughtful gifts have hit the mark. dean mcdermott tori spelling neil lane charm bracelet christmas 2011,
Oprah Winfrey is usually the one giving out lavish gifts, but in 2011, Tyler Perry surprised her and Gayle King with these matching presents. tyler perry oprah winfrey gayle king bentley christmas, tyler perry producing OWN shows for 2013,