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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lompoc Flower Fields

Lompoc Flower Fields - Lompoc Flower Fields have nearly disappeared in the past decade, but not before we captured some of the great views of one of Californiaa's most beautiful regions.  For decades, Lompoc has held two titles as the home of the Vandenberg Air Force Base where satellites continue to be launched, and as Valley of the Flowers.

Each year tourists used to head to Lompoc to drive around the farms in May and June and view the latest flower crops. Stretching for miles were purples, pinks, yellows and countless hues of color seldom seen. When you approached certain roads the fragrance of a type of flower could send you into Nirvana.  An annual celebration in June at Lompoc's Ryon Park continues to celebrate the community and its assets. The bands play, the floats pass by, vendors sell wares and everyone comes out to the community festival to have a good time, minus the flowers in the fields for which the Flower Festival was named. Lompoc Flower Fields,

Flowers grown for seeds have barely made a profit in recent times as South America has grown them much cheaper.  Lompoc Valley is situated in a lush valley 9 miles from the Pacific Ocean along scenic Pacific Coast Highway 1 and Highway 246. Once known as the mustard capitol of the world (circa 1920's), the hills on the edge of town are still covered in mustard in spring time.

In the 1930's, Lompoc became the apple capitol. What will the future bring?  If the Central California coast building trends continue, the genesis of this land will be housing developments to fill the insatiable demand for growth in a region that enjoys mild temperatures all year long.

If you go to Lompoc hoping to see flowers, you may get lucky and discover some seasonal plantings adjacent to a crop. Or at any given time you may discover an entire field spring up with colorful blossoms.  But we suspect the good old days are gone, and in so believing, have captured some photos for posterity.  Glad to have discovered these fields, the experience was wonderful while it lasted. Just looking at a photo can help jog your memory. A sweet intoxication, feeling of inspiration and soul uplifting are possible thanks to nature's perfect gift.

Source: beachcalifornia