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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Famous Alumni of McDonald's

Famous Alumni of McDonald's - Though they long ago traded in their uniforms, these business gurus, athletes, politicians and entertainers all worked under the Golden Arches.

Internet CEO
Clue: Jeff Bezos, Before moving to Seattle to start his Internet empire, the college grad was working on Wall Street. His résumé includes a stint at McDonald's for a summer during high school.

Award-winning food author 
 Clue: Andrew Dornenburg, He teamed up with his wife to write award-winning cookbooks and has won this prestigious award. But his first stint in the kitchen was at McDonald's when he was 15. James Beard Foundation Award,

British actor 
Clue: James D'Arcy, The British actor can be seen in Madonna's movie about this iconic couple. He worked at McDonald's after attending drama school. edward viii and wallace simpson, london academy of music and dramatic art,

Academy Awards host 
Clue: James Franco, This former Oscar host was recently in this ape movie and is no stranger to taking on odd jobs. He worked a McDonald's drive-through window after dropping out of college to pursue acting.

Soul singer 
Clue: Macy Gray, Known for a massive 1990s hit single, she was also a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars," where she proved a better singer than dancer. Before appearing in a McDonald's commercial, she worked there in her teens. Dancing With the Stars,

Actor and stand-up comedian 
Clue: DL Hughley, A stand-up comedian and an "Original Kings of Comedy," member, he was a star of a TV sitcom. His first job, cleaning a McDonald's lobby, wasn't so funny. Original Kings of Comedy,

Clue: Daniel Johnston, Known for his music and songwriting as well as for his illness, he promoted himself to customers with tapes of his music while working at a McDonald's.

Court TV talk-show host 
Clue: Star Jones, This legal mind hit it big as a host on this show and then lost a lot with this procedure. She was promoted from fry cook to cashier while working at a McDonald's.

An ex-governor 
Clue: Indiana Governor Joe Kernan, Before working an initiative with McDonald's to use his state's pork supply, he worked for the fast-food chain before joining the Navy in 1969. Indiana and McDonald's McRib sandwich,

A famous comedian 
 Clue: Jay Leno, He's the longtime host of a TV talk show who is also known for his vast car collection. He worked at McDonald's in the early 1970s in his hometown.

Olympic athlete 
Clue: Carl Lewis, The decorated track and field athlete battled in 1991 for a world record. He learned what it meant to be fast in a McDonald's kitchen in the late 1970s. carl lewis 100 meter final 1991,

Actress and model 
Clue: Andie Macdowell, Known for her curly/frizzy brown hair and Southern drawl, she is currently the face of this makeup line. She worked at McDonald's during high school. gaffney, south carolina,

Canadian actress 
Clue: Rachel McAdams, She starred in the movie version of a Nicholas Sparks novel and dated her co-star Ryan Gosling. Her first job was working at McDonald's, where she stayed for three years.

Former baseball player 
Clue: Chris Sabo, The former third baseman was a 1988 Rookie of the Year but later in his career was accused of corking his bat. He was a McDonald's crew member in 1984.

British R&B singer 
Clue: +Musician Seal, He scored with a massive single in the 1990s and later with a Victoria's Secret model. He worked at McDonald's for two weeks when he was 16.

NASCAR driver 
Clue: Tony Stewart, Driver of the No. 14 car for Office Depot/Mobil, he won his third Sprint Cup championship in 2011. We hope he manned the drive-through while working for McDonald's in high school.

A model turned actress 
Clue: Sharon Stone, Forever known for role in this movie, Basic Instinct, she combines beauty with a rumored high Sharon Stone IQ 154, . She worked behind the counter at a McDonald's before signing a modeling contract at 19.

A popular country singer 
Clue: Shania Twain, She's one of the best-selling female musicians ever. She worked at McDonald's during high school.

An Olympic swimmer 
Clue: Amy Van Dyken, She was an Olympic superstar at the 1996 games, winning four gold medals. She was a crew member at her local McDonald's in Englewood, Colo.