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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Survival In The Clouds

Survival In The Clouds, Solvay Hut name - the highest on the mountain Matterhor. It is situated at an altitude of 4003 m, on the edge, just above the stove Mosley. This is a small shelter, which can accommodate 10 people. The hut is used for emergencies, but many climbers stop at her just to relax and enjoy the gorgeous views. From the edge of the ledge you can see the majestic peaks of Mount Rosa neighborhood. Located somewhere in this house for two thirds of the way to the summit, 475 meters below the summit.

Hut was built in August 1915. All materials brought into the cabin Hoernle (at an altitude of 3260 m) with the help of animals. Also used the temporary cableway to transport materials to the site. The original cabin was built in just five days, but in 1966 it was rebuilt. In 1976 it established an emergency telephone line. Ernest Solvay (1838-1922) invented the industrial process of production of soda from common salt. Most of his life he devoted to this cause, and became interested in mountain climbing until after retirement. He often visited the Alps, Dolomites and Mont Blanc region. His companions were guides Alua Supersakso of Saas-Fee and Martin Shloher of Pontrasiny. In appreciation memorable hours spent in the mountains, as well as realizing that a sudden storm could lead to tragedies, he sponsored stroitelstvo highest hut on the Matterhorn.