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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Naked Man Screaming High on Drugs

Naked Man Screaming High on Drugs - naked man orlando bloom house, A naked man has been arrested after allegedly screaming that he was high on drugs before diving into a bush outside Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr's mansion.

The nude individual is believed to have been hanging around the homes of A-listers including Jason Statham, Charlize Theron, Laura Dern and Will Ferrell shouting that he was on drugs when officers were called.

However, as the police car approached, the man, who was lying face down on the road at the time, dived head first into some shrubbery nearby, leaving just his legs on view from the road. naked man orlando bloom house, naked man screaming high on drugs,

Officers donned black gloves before extracting him from the roadside bush and tackling him to the floor. He was then handcuffed and driven away.

The individual has yet to be identified, and it is not known who called the police or what he was arrested on suspicion of.

This incident will no doubt prove an interesting homecoming for Orlando Bloom's model wife Miranda Kerr, who recently jetted back to the US after three weeks in Sydney.

The gorgeous model was spotted jetting back to LA last week with her baby son Flynn in tow.

Kerr told Vogue this week that her grandmother Ann is the reason she has been able to snap back into shape so quickly after giving birth.

She said: 'She was like, "Now, love, don't let yourself go (while pregnant)"'.

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