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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

True Blood Season 5 Premiere And Social Media Record

True Blood Season 5 Premiere And Social Media Record - True Blood’ Premiere Breaks Social Media Record: True Blood will return to Channel 200 in Tempe next week, and now fans are being given a glimpse at the season five premiere episode, True Blood episode 5.01 titled Turn! Turn! Turn! On Friday, Chevron One shared the photos released for the episode.

A sneak peek for the episode has also been released. The sneak peek for the episode feature Sookie and Alcide talking about the return of Russell, and Alcide wants to keep Sookie safe. Russell still very much wants her blood.

Denis O’Hare teased Russell’s return recently. He said the following about what fans can expect to see from his character and who brought him back, according to TV Edge on Saturday: “It’s somebody who nobody knows yet.

It’s a surprising character. And I think you get a hint in episode two, and then a big hint in episode five.

He’s still vicious, he’s still dangerous, he’s still highly charming, but they added all this stuff to him.

We get to see him fall in love!” Yes, Russell will meet someone new. Eric killed his centuries long lover during season three.