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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Extreme Heat Warnings For Central Canada

Extreme Heat Warnings For Central Canada - Huge swaths of Ontario and Quebec are under heat and humidity alerts, as the scorching summer weather slowly heads west. Ottawa issued a heat warning for Friday and Saturday, with temperatures expected to reach 40 C or above with the humidex. “The first tip we give people is: Pay attention to the signs your body is giving you and act on it,” said Ottawa Paramedic spokesman J.P. Trottier.

“Typically, 911 is called for those who haven’t paid attention to what their body is telling them.” It was 33 C with the humidex Thursday afternoon in the nation’s capital, and around the city people were enjoying the afternoon sun.

Down the canal, the beach at Mooney’s Bay was busy with sun-bathers, volleyball players and swimmers.

One volleyball player offered some advice: “Wear socks if you’re on the sand for a long period of time so you don’t burn your feet up. We learned that one the hard way,” said Brandon, who was bashing around a volleyball with a few friends.

Toronto faced the second day of an extreme heat alert on Friday with temperatures hitting 39 C with the humidex.

A power outage affecting some 6,500 people downtown Thursday evening only made matters worse.